The Pennsylvania economy peaked in 2008. Since 2008 it has gone from “bust-to-boom.” The hard hit of the Great Recession (bust) and slow recovery has been followed by post-recovery growth (boom). Currently the Pennsylvania economy — along with the U.S economy — is on track for a record-breaking period of continuous overall employment growth. However, the nature of the employment expansion is more complex across counties and industries. The 10 years of “bust-to-boom” during 2008-2018 seriously impacted local economies throughout the Commonwealth in varying degrees. This report tracks growth and decline in total employment and employment in major industries statewide, in Pennsylvania’s 67 counties, and PA’s five regions 2008-18. The time period includes the Great Recession -recovery (2008-15) and post-recovery growth (2Q 2015-18). Bottom-line: The report is a graphic look – big picture and in detail – of the geography of job change in Pennsylvania – Great Recession - recovery and beyond.