This series of reports look at some of the preliminary impacts of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic on Pennsylvania's economy.

COVID-19 and Unemployment Claims by Sector in Pennsylvania: February 8 through October 10, 2020

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This report examines how unemployment claims varied across Pennsylvania’s economic sectors during COVID-19, focusing on what occurred during the early phase of COVID-19 (February - October 10, 2020).

Unemployment Claims under COVID-19 by Race, Sex, and Age: PA, February - October 10, 2020

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This report explores unemployment claims by worker race, sex, and age in Pennsylvania during COVID-19, focusing on what occurred during the early phase of COVID-19 in Pennsylvania (February - October 10, 2020). County-level analysis is also available (see the county reports).

County reports: Unemployment Claims by Race, Sex, and Age under COVID-19: PA, February - October 10, 2020

This county-level analysis is not available for six PA counties: Cameron, Elk, Forest, McKean, Montour, and Sullivan. These counties have relatively small populations and thus certain information is non-disclosed in datasets to ensure privacy. As a result, we could not conduct meaningful analysis at this level for these counties.

COVID-19 & Life-Sustaining Employment in Pennsylvania

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This report provides a summary of the number of jobs and the amount of payroll in Pennsylvania that comes from sectors classified as life-sustaining and non-life-sustaining based on May 2020 state orders. Please note that these estimates do not indicate how many jobs nor how much payroll was actually 'lost' as a result of the COVID-19 shutdown. County-specific information about jobs and payroll by life-sustaining status at the sector level are also available in the below appendix tables.

County tables: COVID-19 and Life-Sustaining Employment in PA