About Us

The Center's objective is to meet the needs of vocational education personnel in the geographical areas served by Penn State.

The Center is one of three centers recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Education/Bureau of Career and Technical Education (PDE/BCTE). At Penn State, the Center is housed in the College of Education and the College of Agricultural Science with the respective career and teacher certification programs.

Center Vision

To be a model Agricultural Teacher Education Program, cultivating passion for total student success in teachers, supporting PA Team Ag Ed, and assisting in developing visionary secondary programs.

Contact information for the Center for Professional Personnel Development

The Center for Professional Personnel Development
213 Ferguson Building
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: 814-863-7852
FAX: 814-863-4753


Workforce Education Professional Development Center
301 Keller Building
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: 814-865-2133
FAX: 814-863-7532

  • Associate Professor of Agricultural and Extension Education
  • Undergraduate Program Coordinator


Areas of Expertise:
  • Teacher Preparation
  • Experiential Learning
  • Associate Professor
  • Agricultural Teacher Educator


Areas of Expertise:
  • Agricultural Teacher Education
  • Teaching and Learning in Agriculture
  • Developing Global Competency in Agriculture
  • School-based agricultural education
  • Field Staff-CTC Relations/Eastern PA


  • Administrative Support Coordinator
  • CPPD/Academic Support


  • Global Learning Specialist - TeachAg!
  • Coordinator for Programs in Latin America
  • INTAD Adviser

  • Field Staff- Adult Education/Western PA

  • Instructor
  • Ph.D. in Agricultural and Extension Education & International Agriculture and Development