Notes from Diane

Posted: January 25, 2011

Greetings from Happy Valley!

First, as many of you who contact the CEDEV office may have noticed, Julie Burk, the CEDEV Administrative Coordinator, is now Julie Burk Patosky. Congratulations to Julie and Shawn, who were married Oct. 2! Julie’s email remains the same as In case you were confused, Julie Stringfellow also works for CEDEV part‐time as administrative support staff. There really are two Julies in the CEDEV office!

Second, thank you to all of you for helping the CEDEV graduate program grow! There are now just over ninety MPS students and seventy certificate students active in the program. As we grow, we need your help to make sure that your experience with CEDEV is a good one, from your first contact with the program, to your first course, through to your completion of the graduate certificate or MPS degree. If you have a great experience, we want to hear from you! If you are unhappy with any aspect of the program or have found kinks we need to work out, please tell US. Some things (e.g., PSU Angel) we can’t control, but for most things we can respond to your concerns. Even if you personally don’t benefit from the changes, your suggestions and
comments will help those following you through the CEDEV program. Related to this, for those of you taking courses, PLEASE BE SURE TO COMPLETE COURSE EVALUATIONS, they are an easy, anonymous way for you to provide feedback on specific courses. We also want to hear from alumni about which courses/course content are most helpful to you and if there is other information we should consider adding. Please share your ideas and experiences!

Finally, as we move into the holiday season, Julie, Julie and I wish all of you peaceful and happy holidays.

~Diane McLaughlin