The topics and applied research explored via our students' Master's papers are diverse within community development.

Recent Master's paper titles include

  • The Emerging Role of Team Leadership In Community Capacity Building
  • The Responsible Banking Ordinance As A Mechanism of Community Development
  • The Fire Service in Community Development: Prevention, Partnerships, and Public Value
  • Home Is Where the Shale Isn't: The Effects of Marcellus Shale Development
    On Amenity Migration in Pennsylvania's Laurel Highlands
  • Cultural Economic Development In Michigan: An Examination of Available Public State Resources
  • Knowledge, Knowledge Management, and Innovation: The Importance of Knowledgeable Citizens to Community and Economic Development Efforts
  • Business Incubation, Innovation & Entrepreneurship: A Case Study of Brazil, China, & Turkey
  • How the Sustainable Use of Biodiversity Assets Can Foster Livelihoods
  • The Effects Of Military Mobility On Involvement In Community Development
  • Threats and Opportunities Facing the Nogales, Arizona Economy and Society: A Case Study of Federal Revenue's Impact on Border Town Economies
  • Elite Power, the Growth Machine and Local Economic Development: A Case Study
  • Implementation of Community Visioning: Municipal Comprehensive and Nonprofit/Public Strategic Plans
  • The Role of Universities in Local Place-Based Development: Practice and Potential
  • Philanthropy and Pennsylvania's Natural Gas Boom: An Examination of Philanthropic Opportunities in Rural Communities
  • Sustainable Community Economic Development: A Framework For Practitioners
  • Are Communities Ready to Fly? - An Overview of the High School Dropout Crisis and What Communities Can Do To Reduce Dropout

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