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"The great thing about this program is it all relates to my duties in serving my community and my council work. I love it and believe very deeply in this program. Everything I learn here is then applied to my community work. That's what makes this program so great!! Every day I learn the tools and material that help me in the real world."

Glen G., CEDEV MPS student

Glen shares his experience in the CEDEV Graduate Program in this interview.

"...I decided I wanted a career change; so I chose the CEDEV program with Penn State. Why the change you ask. Well, I did so because in my opinion, Penn State offers an undisputed academic program that is unmatched anywhere in the world. Additionally, America needs strong, bold leaders who can turn our communities towards economic growth and with my military background, I believe I can support that need along with those in the CEDEV program. As a military member who has traveled to Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Germany, Uzbekistan, and to various locations around the United States, I've obtained some experience over the years which I believe could be beneficial to the CEDEV program and I am counting on absorbing similar knowledge from fellow program participants and alumni."

Kevin F., CEDEV MPS student

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