Within the Penn State University system, there are numerous resources available for community and economic development practitioners. Penn State affiliate resources include:

Center for Economic and Community Development

Penn State's Center for Economic and Community Development helps create new opportunities for people living throughout Pennsylvania.

The Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development

The headquarters for The Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development is located at the University Park campus of Penn State. The center is dedicated to providing research-based information that helps create regional prosperity through entrepreneurial and cluster-based innovation, while assuring balanced uses of natural resources in livable communities in the northeastern United States.

Cooperative Extension

Various units within Cooperative Extension, including Economic and Community Development, are available to assist individuals within Pennsylvania and provide a wealth of resources for practitioners.

Environment and Natural Resources Institute

The mission of this institute is to improve understanding and management of living systems, landscapes, and human-environment interactions with the objective of sustaining and enhancing ecosystem services and human-well being.

Institutes of Energy and the Environment

Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment is the University's coordinating structure for energy and environment research at Penn State.

Population Research Institute

This institute encourages, organizes, and supports innovative research and training in the population sciences.

Department of Agricultural Economics, Sociology, and Education

Academic home of the CEDEV Graduate Program.

Social Science Research Institute

The mission of the Social Science Research Institute is to promote research encompassing the wide range of skills and perspectives that are needed to solve complex social problems.

Community, Environment & Development Undergraduate Major

The Community, Environment and Development (CED) undergraduate major is a interdisciplinary degree designed for students wanting to develop the critical skills needed to solve the tough problems associated with sustainability.

Sustainability Portal

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