The Graduate Certificate in Community and Economic Development provides students with curriculum which introduce concepts and practical strategies useful to those new to community and economic development professions, or those who have experience working with community or development related institutions and want to gain additional knowledge and skills.

"I believe I am learning more online than I had in most classroom experiences. I believe much of this is due to the discussions and interactions between students and faculty."

-CEDEV certificate student

The program also meets the needs of those who are considering a career in community and economic development and want to find out if this profession is right for them.

The Graduate Certificate curriculum consists of five three-credit courses. Like the MPS degree, the required courses for the Graduate Certificate program are offered entirely online through the Penn State World Campus. The courses are offered primarily in the fall and spring semesters, which are 15 weeks in duration.

Please note that federal financial aid is not applicable to nondegree certificate programs, including the Graduate Certificate in Community and Economic Development. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify for the Master of Professional Studies degree in Community and Economic Development.

Graduate Certificate Requirements

The certificate program is designed primarily for professionals in the field who wish to expand their existing knowledge and for those who wish to learn about community and economic development. Our online certificate program requires completion of 15 graduate credits in the Community and Economic Development curriculum.

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