NEW: CEDEV Mentorship Program

Posted: January 25, 2011

Graduate students and alumni of the Penn State Community and Economic Development Graduate Program have a unique opportunity to share their experiences and provide advice for careers and opportunities within community and economic development with Penn State undergraduate students within the Community, Environment & Development (CED) program.

The CED program emphasizes that development strategies need to consider the
environmental impacts of human choices, and the recognition of the influence of environment and natural resources on the well‐being of people and their communities – from global to local. CEDEV students and alumni are invited to participate as mentors to students or as guest speakers virtually in CED courses to provide students with invaluable real world experiences that will aid the undergraduates in understanding how course material translates into application in the “real world”. This interaction will allow the undergraduates to learn more about career options from you‐‐community and economic development practitioners with a connection to Penn State. To learn more about the CED program at Penn State, please visit the CED website.

If you are interested in mentoring a CED student or would like to learn more about this
opportunity, please contact Julie Burk Patosky at (814) 863‐5884.