Why AEE?

The program was brought to my attention by a faculty member in a different department. I chose YFE because it has such an excellent mix of research, programming and teaching.

The Faculty

The faculty, staff and other students want you to succeed and you can sense that. Everyone in the department has encouraged me and cheered me on and well, boosted me up whenever I have needed it. There are high expectations; but they go out of their way to make sure you succeed. Graduate students are the future and they want us to be great.

What I Learned

I have learned to take constructive criticism. I have learned to write more professionally and concisely. Most of all, I have learned to not to be overly attached to any one idea or one way of doing things.

I strongly believe that anyone from any degree could easily find a niche in this department. If a potential student truly wants to make a difference in this world they will find the tools they need in an AEE or YFE degree.