Education, Development, and Community Engagement

We offer Master's and Doctorate graduate degree programs in the following core areas of study: Educational Processes, Leadership Development and Communications, Program Development, and Research.

Graduate study provides an opportunity to focus on a specialized topic and gain an appreciation of its relevance to broader issues.

Penn State University Park is located in the ridge and valley area of central Pennsylvania and offers ready access to forests, lakes, streams, as well as modern research facilities and libraries. In addition, graduate research programs may focus on other regions of the country or globe.

As a graduate student you will work closely with your faculty adviser and committee members in designing a program of study and research adapted to your interests.

The graduate student offices are located on the ground floor of Ferguson Building. Graduate students on assistantship are provided office space; students that are not on assistantship may have offices provided if there are available offices. Computers and work stations are also available through their assistantship, academic advisers, and at the various computer labs on campus.