Year Student Degree Advisor Placement Position
2023 Jamison Malcolm Ph.D Brennan
2022 Daniel Robotham M.S. Brennan
2022 Justin Heasley M.S. Brennan US Army
2022 Alejandro Gill Ph.D Brennan
2021 Rita Graef M.S. Foster Penn State University Pasto Ag Museum Curator
2021 Jana Russell M.S. Foster
2021 Kaila Thorne Ph.D Brennan
2020 Rosalind Cowan (Gawyrla) M.S. Curry Onondaga Central High School (NY) Agriculture Teacher
2020 Kate Berardi Ph.D Brennan Penn State University Assistant Teaching Professor, CEDEV
2020 Erika Anseloni Ph.D Brennan NGO, Brazil Program Coordinator
2020 Ilse Huerta Ph.D. Ewing Universidad de Guanajuato College Instructor in Agriculture
2020 Tiffany Morey Ph.D. Foster Buena Regional High School Secondary Agriscience Teacher
2019 Alejandro Gil M.S. Brennan Penn State PhD Graduate Program
2019 Alexandra Dutt M.S. Brennan Monroe County Conservation District Resource Conservation Specialist
2019 Michael Fiorentino M.S. Curry Nassau County 4H (NY) Natural Resources Coordinator
2019 Sarah Eissler Ph.D Brennan International Development Consultant
2019 Brad Olson Ph.D Brennan University of Kentucky Assistant Professor
2019 Katie Davenport Ph.D. Perkins Penn State Social Science Research Institute Assistant Research Professor
2018 Darla Romberger M.S. Foster Cumberland Valley High School Secondary Agriscience Teacher
2018 Mya Swires M.Ed. Brennan Penn State Associate Director: Donor Relations and Special Events
2018 Jamison Malcolm M.Ed. Brennan NGO NGO Founder
2018 Erica Odera Ph.D Brennan University of Florida Senior Research Associate
2018 Jean Lonie Ph.D Brennan Agricultural Consultant
2018 Bader Alotaibi Ph.D Brennan King Saud Univerity Associate Professor
2017 Michael Cahill M.S. Foster Stillwater Central School District (NY) Secondary Agriscience Teacher
2017 Jonathan Seaman M.S. Ewing Penn State University Program Manager, CPPD
2016 Karim Bataineh M.S. Brennan Talabat Program Manager for Social Responsibility
2016 Cristen Black M.Ed. Foster Rawlins County USD 105 (KS) Secondary Agriscience Teacher
2016 Roshan Nayak Ph.D. Ewing Colorado State University - Extension Assistant Professor
2015 Sarah Eissler M.S. Brennan Penn State PhD Graduate Program
2015 Sarah Osmane Ph.D. Brennan UNDP Senior Research Coordinator
2015 Laura Rice Ph.D. Foster PSU College of Education Faculty
2015 Nicole Weaver M.S. Foster Twin Valley High School (PA) Secondary Agriscience Teacher
2014 Kaitlyn Butterbaugh M.S. Brennan Private Agricultural Business Owner
2014 Daniel Tobin Ph.D Brennan University of Vermont Assistant Professor
2013 Heather Pray M.Ed. Ewing Longwood Gardens Director of School and Youth Programs
2013 Elise Brown M.S. Ewing Conservation Technology Information Center Communications Director
2012 Kristen Althouse M.Ed. Brennan Sports Turf Managers Association Education Manager
2012 Rebecca Heilman M.Ed. Ewing University of Nebraska - Lincoln Recruitment Specialist
2012 Robyn Bechtel M.S Ewing Williamsburg Area High School Teacher
2012 Brad Olson M.S. Brennan Penn State PhD Graduate Program
2011 Jesse Brant M.Ed. Ewing Littlestown High School Teacher
2011 Laura Polatnik M.S. Foster Gettysburg High School (PA) Secondary Agriscience Teacher
2011 Laura Rice M.S. Foster PSU College of Education Faculty
2011 Jill Schulte M.S. Perkins Penn State Social Science Research Institute Program Manager
2010 Amy Sakers M.Ed. Ewing McConnellsburg High School Teacher
2008 Lisa Chauveron M.S. Perkins Amazon Senior Research Scientist
2007 Julie Scheve M.S. Perkins
2006 Kenneth Jones Ph.D. Perkins University of Kentucky Professor