About Me

Staying in another country is always a valuable experience. You find yourself in a new environment with new people around and you have to learn how to cope with everyday problems using a foreign language as well. You have a chance to compare your previous experiences with new ones.

What I learned

My graduate program allowed me to look on my life from a different perspective and opened new horizons, the ones that I did not realize about before coming here. I believe I learned how express myself in writing as well as in oral ways. Those were the skills that were not taught at my university at home unfortunately, and those are really important for a researcher and a professional who wants to succeed in the field.

It was also exciting to meet people from all over the world and get to know more about them and their countries. We are so different but still there are so many similarities among us. I met new friends, visited new places, tried new food…? One cannot deny that food is really important to understand and what's more to appreciate the culture.