Why AEE?

I applied to 3 programs for graduate school: two were in Public Health so obviously this program was significantly different. I chose the YFE program because it allowed me more room for growth and development than the other two programs, meaning I had more opportunities for discovery, more research available, and more choices for what I want to do after graduation. I like how flexible this particular program is.


Overall, I find the environment to be friendly and supportive. This department works together as a team; without each component, the team would not be successful.

What I Learned

I have become more focused since beginning this program. I feel that the research I have assisted with has taught me to narrow my approach to the world, and I feel more knowledgeable about research procedures.

I think this department has prepared me by exposing me to different research, so that I know about different methods of program development and evaluation. I know about program development from a very academic approach, which is an asset to the company I work for next.