Why Penn State AEE?

I selected the Penn State AEE program, because of its excellent reputation in Agriculture. I also need a program that was flexible around my work schedule. It was important that I could take summer and weekend classes.

The Faculty

The professors were very helpful in guiding you in the correct direction when select research topic and very helpful in writing your research paper/ project. The environment was very helpful in completing the entire master program in the time you need to get done. Also they were flexible with your work schedule.

What I Learned

I have changed both in skills and knowledge, since my graduate program. I feel I have been able to gain more confident in myself and I feel I work more efficiently, since I complete my graduate program.

Since finishing my graduate program, I feel I become a more effective teacher when working with my students and increasing my students skill and knowledge levels.

Penn State AEE program is great program, in which the professional staff works with you to complete the program and encourages excel in your profession. They work with you help you achieve your goals.