The Future Graduate Student

should have a background in human development and family studies, work with youth in 4H group setting, work with volunteer leaders, and desire to become a vehicle of information for youth and family through educational programming. The willingness to adjust your personal schedule and make sacrifices.

The Faculty

I found that I could speak to any professor and they listened. They were honest about my academic plans and resourceful. The staff was friendly and made me feel like I was part of a larger family.

What I learned

1. to give myself more credit for my dedication and hard work, learn to plan ahead, tap into resources, and believe in my strengths and abilities to set and accomplish goals. I enjoy learning and look forward to more opportunities for personal and professional growth.

2. to be perceptual in my thinking, apply my strengths, research before planning, appreciate theories and its application to program development, manage successful volunteer programs, develop marketing strategies, join committees, supervision, become a visionary, set goals/objectives, collect and report data and write health related articles.

If you envision it - go for it. The resources are there. You must have patience, commitment and perseverance. Keep digging for those resources, they're there to help you. Interact with the faculty staff. Share your thoughts about ideas and directions - they will listen and give you sound advice.