The purpose of the Department of Agricultural and Extension Education is to serve citizens of the Commonwealth, nation, and world by providing comprehensive programs in resident instruction, research, and continuing education in teacher and extension education in the agricultural sciences, youth and family education, and related fields.

Primary objectives of graduate education

  • To prepare students to conduct educational programs and research and to assume managerial positions in public and private youth-serving agencies and foundations concerned with youth and family development.

  • To conduct research related to youth and family education, teaching, administration, and supervision of agricultural and extension education in the United States as well as internationally.

  • To recruit, prepare, and place qualified teachers of agricultural and environmental sciences to meet the needs of the state.

  • To provide a comprehensive in-service education program, including graduate studies to meet the professional education needs of teachers of agriculture, extension professionals, youth and family professionals, and personnel with similar needs.

Supportive objectives

  • To provide educational consultation services relating to youth and family education and to agricultural, vocational, and extension education programs.

  • To provide educational support services to the College of Agricultural Sciences and the University, including advising students and teaching professional education courses.

  • To encourage and support the national and international efforts of the College of Agricultural Sciences and the University.