Thomas Bruening, Ph.D.

  • Associate Professor Emeritus


  • B.S., Iowa State University
  • M.S., Iowa State University
  • Ph.D., Iowa State University

Research Interests

Impact of international study abroad programs
Agricultural education in developing and emerging countries of Eastern Europe, Russia, China, South Africa, Bangladesh, and Latin America

Awards and Honors

  • CAS Gamma Sigma Delta-Teaching Award of Merit
  • Fulbright Teaching Scholar Russia, Croatia
  • FAO Visiting Faculty
  • NACTA Fellow
  • Honorary Ph.D.--Moscow State Agoengineering University

Courses Taught

  • AEE 400, Educational Programs in Agriculture for Developing Countries
  • AEE 440, Communication Methods and Media
  • AEE 530, Teaching and Learning in Agriculture Science 
  • AEE 501, History and Philosophy of AEE
  • AYFCE 555, Volunteer Program Management 

Study Abroad Programs


Russian Cooperative Education Program 

Click here to view the Russia 2012 Program Website.

Selected Publications

Harder, W & Bruening, T. (In press). Effectiveness of online videos to modify students' knowledge and perceived barriers regarding study abroad opportunities, Journal of International Agricultural and Extension Education (Ed. Seevers, B.)

Shao, X. & Bruening T. 2005. Knowledge and skills needed by teachers in Chinese agricultural schools regarding curriculum and instruction reforms. Journal of International Agriculture and Extension Education, 12(3 ), 3 6-41.

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Bruening, T. 2001. Benefits of participating in an international study abroad program. 17th Annual Conferences for the Association for International Agricultural and Extension Education, Baton Rouge, LA.

Shao, X. & Bruening, T 2001. Policies changes in curriculum development in Chinese agricultural schools. International Conference on Agricultural Science and Technology, Beijing, China.

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Crowder, L V., Lindley, W.I., Bruening, T.H. and Doron, N. 1998. Agricultural Education for Sustainable Rural Development: Challenges for Developing Countries in the 21st Century, Journal European Agricultural Education.

Reynar, R.E., Musser, F., & Bruening, T.H. 1996. The potential for linking private and public extension services in Bangladesh. Journal of International Agricultural and Extension Education, 3(2), 5-14.