Paige Kelly

  • Assistant Professor of Rural Sociology.


  • 2021 -PhD, The Ohio State University, Rural Sociology
  • 2017 - M.S., The Ohio State University, Rural Sociology
  • 2014 - B.S., UW-Madison, Community and Environmental Sociology
  • 2014 - B.S., UW-Madison, Agronomy

Dr. Paige Kelly is a rural sociologist whose research interests include rural poverty, spatial inequality (community and rural/urban inequalities and development issues), state and local governments’ policies, and racialized inequalities. Her research focuses on the local economy and the state as structural forces that affect place and population disparities. She has published on rural-urban disparities in local governments’ capacity, differential risks of experiencing poverty among racialized populations, and barriers to just transition from coal mining employment in the Appalachian Region. She has worked as a research consultant for the Federal Reserve as well as the World Bank.


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