Martina Vecchi

Martina Vecchi

  • Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics

Areas of Expertise

  • Applied Behavioural Economics
  • Experimental Economics
  • Health Economics
  • Food Economics
  • Environmental Economics


Groups and socially responsible production: An experiment with farmers
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Vecchi, Martina, 2022

Maternal stress during pregnancy and children's diet: Evidence from a population of low socioeconomic status
Nutrition, Vitt, Nicolai, Vecchi, Martina, James, Jonathan, Belot, Michèle, 2022

Local food in times of crisis: The impact of COVID-19 and two reinforcing primes
Agribusiness, Vecchi, Martina, Jaenicke, Edward, Schmidt, Claudia, 2022

Daily stressors and food choices: A lab experiment with low-SES mothers
European Economic Review, Vitt, Nicolai, James, Jonathan, Belot, Michèle, Vecchi, Martina, 2021

Rewarding behavior with a sweet food strengthens its valuation
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