Leland Glenna, Ph.D.

  • Associate Professor of Rural Sociology and Science, Technology, and Society
Leland Glenna, Ph.D.
114 Armsby
University Park, PA 16802
Work Phone: 814-863-8636


  1. Ph.D., Rural Sociology, University of Missouri, 1997


Research Interests

My teaching and research program is in agriculture and natural resources. Within that more general program, I have three areas of emphasis: 1) social and environmental impacts of agricultural science and technologies, 2) the role of science and technology in agricultural and natural resource policy making, and 3) the social and ethical implications of democratizing science and technology research.

Outreach/Extension Interests

Although I do not have a formal extension appointment, I consider it the responsibility of rural sociologists to participate in outreach activities.  One of my most significant outreach activities has been my service as a member on the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s Task Force on Faith and Genetics.

Current/Recent Courses

  • CED 427w: Society and Natural Resources
  • RSoc 502: Use of Theory in Rural Sociology
  • RSoc 597: Contemporary Social Theory

Recent Selected Publications

Glenna, Leland L., Rick Welsh, David Ervin, William B. Lacy, and Dina Biscotti. 2011. “Commercial Science, Scientists’ Values, and University Biotechnology Research Agendas” Research Policy 40(7): 957-968.

Ervin, David E. Leland L. Glenna, and Raymond A. Jussaume, Jr. 2011. “The Theory and Practice of Genetically Engineered Crops and Agricultural Sustainability.” Sustainability 3: 847-874.

Glenna, Leland L., Raymond A. Jussaume Jr., and Julie C. Dawson. 2011. “How Farmers Matter in Shaping Agricultural Technologies: Social and Structural Characteristics of Wheat Growers and Wheat Varieties.” Agriculture and Human Values 28(2): 213-224.

Glenna, Leland L. and Raymond A. Jussaume Jr. 2010. Social Equity and the Genetically Engineered Crops Controversy. Choices 25(2).

Glenna, Leland L. and Robert Roy Thomas. 2010. “From Renewable to Alternative: Waste Coal, the Pennsylvania Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard, and Public Legitimacy.” Society & Natural Resources 23(9): 856-871.

Ervin, David E., Leland L. Glenna, and Raymond A. Jussaume Jr. 2010. Are Biotechnology and Sustainable Agriculture Compatible? Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems 25(2):143-157.

Mendum, Ruth and Leland L. Glenna. 2010. Socioeconomic Obstacles to Establishing a Participatory Plant Breeding Program for Organic Growers in the United States. Sustainability 2:73-91.

Glenna, Leland. 2010. Review of Ly de Angeles, Emma Restall Orr, and Thom van Dooren, eds., Pagan Visions for a Sustainable Future . The Pomegranate 12(1):114-117.

Glenna, Leland L. and Daniel R. Cahoy. 2009. “Agribusiness Concentration, Intellectual Property, and the Prospects for Rural Economic Benefits from the Emerging Biofuel Economy.” Southern Rural Sociology 24(2): 111-129.

Glenna, Leland L. and Georgi V. Mitev. 2009. “Global Neo-liberalism, Global Ecological Modernization, and a Swine CAFO in Rural Bulgaria.” Journal of Rural Studies 25(3):289-298.

Recent Selected Presentations and Papers

Leland Glenna, William Lacy, Rick Welsh, and Dina Biscotti. “Institutional Norms, Scientists’ Values, and Intellectual Property in the Context of Agricultural Biotechnology Research.” Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Rural Sociological Society, Boise, ID, 28-31 July 2011.

Glenna, Leland L. and Curtis Stofferahn. “When “Farming and Faith Collide”: Factors Shaping a Controversy over the ELCA’s Genetics and Faith Statement.” Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Rural Sociological Society, Boise, ID, 28-31 July 2011.

Hirschl, Thomas, James G. Booth, Leland Glenna, and Brandn Green. “An Empirical Test of Individualist vs. Social Models.” Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Rural Sociological Society, Boise, ID, 28-31 July 2011.

Recent Selected Awards and Recognition

Community of Teaching Excellence, The Pennsylvania State University College of Agricultural Science 2011

Agriculture, Food, and Human Values Society Award for Excellence in Research, 2010

The Pennsylvania State University College of Agricultural Science's 2007 Roy C. Buck Award for best published paper by an untenured professor