Justine Lindemann

Justine Lindemann

  • Assistant Professor in Community Development and Resilience


Building urban community resilience through university extension: community engagement and the politics of knowledge
Socio-Ecological Practice Research, Lindemann, Justine, Alter, Theodore R., Stagner, Forrest, Palacios, Effie, Banuna, Ledeebari, Muldoon, Mary, 2022

The Urban Resilience Report, Issue 3, Lindemann, J, Van Son, K, 2022

“A little portion of our 40 acres”: A black agrarian imaginary in the city
Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space, Lindemann, Justine, 2022

The Urban Resilience Report Issue 1, Lindemann, J, Palacios, E, 2021

Assessing the Potential of an Agricultural Individual Development Account Program in Pennsylvania, Schmidt, C, Christi, Powell, Lindemann, Justine, 2021