Edward Jaenicke, Ph.D.

  • Professor of Agricultural Economics
  • Graduate Program Director: Energy, Environmental, and Food Economics (EEFE)
Edward Jaenicke, Ph.D.
208-C Armsby
University Park, PA 16802
Work Phone: 814-865-5282

Areas of Expertise

  • Economic modeling of food purchase behavior
  • Link between food behavior and health
  • Retail food product offerings and prices
  • Organic food and agriculture


  1. Ph.D., Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Maryland, 1997


Research Interests

Currently, my research investigates (i) pricing behavior by food retailing firms, (ii) food purchasing behavior by households, and (iii) the impact of the food environment on the overall healthfulness of food purchases. Much of my research relies on micro-level scanner data that reflect the food purchases of individual households.  Organic food and agriculture is one of my specific interests.

Current/Recent Courses

  • AG BM 170z:  Exploring the U.S. Food System from Farm to Table
  • AG BM/INTAG 470: Comparing U.S. and France Food and Agricultural Systems
  • EEFE 510:  Econometrics I

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Recent Publications

Yu, Y., and E.C, Jaenicke. 2019. “Estimating Food Waste as Household Production Inefficiency.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics. Forthcoming. (For an earlier version, see this working paper:

Chen, X., Y. Liu,  E.C. Jaenicke, & A.N. Rabinowitz. 2019. "New Concerns on Caffeine Consumption and The Impact of Potential Regulations: The Case of Energy Drinks." Food Policy.

Bauner, C., E.C. Jaenicke, E. Wang, and P-C. Wu. 2019. “Couponing Strategies in Competition Between a National Brand and a Private Label Product.” Journal of Retailing.

Media coverage: Chicago Booth Review, April 16, 2019

Chenarides, L, and E.C. Jaenicke. 2018. “Documenting the Link between Poor Food Access and Less Healthy Product Assortment across the U.S.” Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy.

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Research Interests

Agriculture & Food