Ann R Tickamyer

Ann R Tickamyer

  • Professor emerita of Rural Sociology and Demography
105-C Armsby
University Park, PA 16802

Areas of Expertise

  • rural poverty and livelihoods
  • spatial inequality
  • gender and development
  • gender, disaster, and climate change


  • Ph.D., Sociology, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, 1979

Research Interests

My research interests focus on gender and development, spatial inequalities, and rural poverty, livelihood practices, and welfare provision in the U.S. and the global South. I have published numerous articles and five books on these topics, including: 

Extension/Outreach Interests

I seek ways to communicate my research and scholarship in a variety of public arenas, ranging from community groups to policy makers with the goal of providing knowledge for informed social policy, advocacy, and decision-making. 

Recent Selected Publications

Tickamyer, Ann R. and Siti Kusujiarti. 2020. “Riskscapes of Gender, Disaster, and Climate Change in Indonesia."  Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy, and Society 13 July.

Tickamyer, Ann R. 2020. “Rural Poverty: Research and Policy for U.S. Families."  Pp 3-26 in Jennifer E. Glick, Susan M. McHale, and Valarie King (eds.) National Symposium on Family Issues 10: Rural Families and Communities in the United States: Facing Challenges and Leveraging Opportunities. Springer.

Tickamyer, Ann R. 2020 “Feminist Methods and Methodology in Agricultural Research.  In Sachs, L. Jensen, K. Sexsmith, and P. Castellanos (eds.) Gender and Agriculture Handbook. NY: Taylor and Francis/Routledge.

Jensen, Leif, Ann Tickamyer, and Tim Slack. 2019. “Rural-Urban Variation in Informal Work Activities in the United States."  Journal of Rural Studies 68:276-284.

Mueller, Tom and Ann R. Tickamyer. 2019. “A more complete picture: Rural residents' relative support for seven forms of natural resource related economic development."  Rural Sociology/ DOI:10.1111/ruso.12293

Ann R. Tickamyer and Kathleen Sexsmith. 2019. “How to Do Gender Research? Feminist Perspectives    on Gender Research in Agriculture." Pp. 57-71 in C. Sachs (ed.) Gender, Agriculture and Agrarian Transformations.  London and New York: Routledge.

Slack, Tim, Michael R. Cope, Leif Jensen, Ann R. Tickamyer. 2017 “Social Embeddedness, Formal Labor Supply, and Informal Work." International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy. (Named 2018 Highly Commended Award from the journal and Emerald Publishing)

Wornell, Emily J., Leif Jensen, and Ann Tickamyer. 2017.  “The Role of Informal Work in the Livelihood Strategies of U.S. Households."  Chapter 7 in The Informal Economy: Exploring Drivers and Practices, edited by I. Horodnic, P. Rodgers, C. Williams, L. Momtazian 

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Tickamyer, Ann R., Siti Kusujiarti, and Emily J. Wornell. 2014.  Gender Jusice, Climate Change, and Sustainable Development in Indonesia.  Pp. 67-92 in Jieli Li (ed.) Globalization, Development and Security in Asia. Volume 4:  Environment and Sustainable Development in Asia.  Singapore:  World Scientific  Publishing Co.