Ann Tickamyer, Ph.D.

  • Professor of Rural Sociology
Ann Tickamyer, Ph.D.
105-C Armsby
University Park, PA 16802
Work Phone: 814-867-3718

Areas of Expertise

  • rural poverty
  • spatial inequality
  • gender and development
  • gender, disaster, and climate change


  1. Ph.D., Sociology, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, 1979


Research Interests

My research interests focus on poverty, livelihood practices, and welfare provision in rural Appalachia and Indonesia. I have two recently published books on these topics: 

Extension/Outreach Interests

I seek ways to communicate my research and scholarship in a variety of public arenas, ranging from community groups to policy makers with the goal of providing knowledge for informed social policy, advocacy, and decision-making. 

Recent Selected Publications

Tickamyer, Ann R., Siti Kusujiarti, and Emily J. Wornell. 2014.  Gender Jusice, Climate Change, and Sustainable Development in Indonesia.  Pp. 67-92 in Jieli Li (ed.) Globalization, Development and Security in Asia. Volume 4:  Environment and Sustainable Development in Asia.  Singapore:  World Scientific  Publishing Co.

Tickamyer, Ann R. and Siti Kusujiarti.  2012.  Power, Change, and Gender Relations in Rural Java:  A Tale of Two Villages.  Athens, OH:  Ohio University Press, Southeast Asia Series.

Smith, Kristin and Ann R. Tickamyer (eds.).  2011. Economic Restructuring and Family Well-Being in Rural America.  University Park, PA:  Pennsylvania State University Press.

Tickamyer, Ann R. and Debra A. Henderson. 2010. Devolution, Social Exclusion, and Spatial Inequality in U.S. Welfare Provision.  Pp. 41-60 in Paul Milbourne (ed.), Welfare Reform in Rural Places: Comparative Perspectives, Research in Rural Sociology and Development v. 15.  Bingley, UK: Emerald Publishing Group.

Henderson, Debra and Ann Tickamyer. 2009.  The Intersection of Poverty Discourses:  Race, Class, Culture, and Gender.  Pp. 50-72 in Bonnie Dill and Ruth Zambrana (eds.), Emerging Intersections: Building Knowledge and Transforming Institutions.  Baltimore, MD:  Johns Hopkins Press.

Tickamyer, Ann R.  2009. Rural Poverty. Pp. 416-420 in Nigel Thrift and Rob Kitchin (eds.), International  Encyclopedia of Human Geography v. 8.  Oxford, UK: Elsevier.

Henderson, Debra and Ann Tickamyer. 2008.  Lost in Appalachia: The Unexpected Impact of Welfare Reform on Older Women in Rural Communities.  Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare 35(3):153-171.

Lobao, Linda, Gregory Hooks, and Ann Tickamyer. 2008. Poverty and Inequality Across Space: Sociological Reflections on the Missing-Middle Subnational Scale.” Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy & Society 1 (April):89-113.

Lobao, Linda, Gregory Hooks, and Ann Tickamyer (eds.) 2007. The Sociology of Spatial Inequality .   NY: SUNY Press.