The surveys used in the RYE study are modified for each wave of data collection. The changes made to the surveys reflect the development of the students as they age. In particular, the Wave 2/High School +1 survey ask students about the changing experiences of the older cohort as they move out of high school and into the workforce or postsecondary education. The links below take you to the wave 1 and wave 2 surveys. Wave 1 surveys were administered to students in their schools during the 2004/05 school year. Wave 2 surveys were distributed to the 9th grade students in school during the 2006/07 school year, and by phone for the older cohort. For Wave 3, the younger cohort surveys were again administered in school, when the youth were in 11th grade. This was in the 2008-09 school year. The older cohort, three years past high school in Wave 3, were contacted using a mix of web and telephone surveys. Retention efforts for both cohorts between Wave 3 and Wave 4 involved mailing contact letters to parents (of the younger cohort) or participants (over age 18) with fact sheets relevant to each cohort. Wave 4 data collection will occur in Spring 2011. Both cohorts will be contacted using a combination of mail and web surveys.

Wave 1: 7th Grade Survey (Younger Cohort)

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Wave 1: 11th Grade Survey (Older Cohort)

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Wave 2: 9th Grade Survey (Younger Cohort)

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Wave 2: 9th Grade Survey (Younger Cohort) Spanish

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Wave 2: High School+1 Survey (Older Cohort)

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Wave 3: 11th Grade (Younger Cohort)

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Wave 3: 11th Grade (Younger Cohort) Spanish
Wave 3: High School+3 Survey (Older Cohort)

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