Not Enough Work

PDF document, 340.2 KB

Access to Full-Time Jobs with Decent Pay and Benefits Varies by Race/Ethnicity and Place of Residence - Mattingly and Young (DEC 2014)

How Large is the Rural Cost Advantage? A Big Mac Index for the United States

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Refugees in Rural Communities: A Win-Win?

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Local and Non-Local Employment Associated with Marcellus Shale Development in Pennsylvania

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Drilling Booms and Housing Shortages: Is the Market Nimble Enough to Replace Gov't Intervention?

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Water Scarcity and the California Economy

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The Future of Jobs in America

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Socioeconomic Implications of Nuclear Power

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Rural Energy Use and the Challenges for Energy Conservation and Efficiency

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Socioeconomic Issues and Biofuel Energy

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Confronting an Uncertain Future: How U.S. Communities are Responding to Shale Gas and Oil Development

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Economic Implications of Unconventional Fossil Fuel Production

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National Trends in Income Inequality

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Natural Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

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How Rural Areas Can Adapt to Declining Rural Latino Immigration

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Lessons Learned From the Greater Sage-Grouse

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Immigration and Farm Labor in the U.S.

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Addressing Rural Economic Disadvantage

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