Student Degree Graduation Date Thesis Title
Smith, Effie MS 8/2020  Livelihoods in the Balance: Haitians, Haitian-Dominicans and Precarious Work in the Dominican Republic
Hancock, Matthew MS 5/2020  Armed Conflict and Childhood Food Security: The Association between Exposure to Conflict and Childhood Nutrition in West Africa: 1998-2008
Huot, Sovanneary MS 5/2020  Gender and Leadership of Agricultural Cooperatives:  The Case of Cambodia
Mueller, Joel Thomas PHD 5/2020  The Effect of Natural Resource Dependence on Economic Prosperity in Rural America
Wang, Wei Lin PHD 12/2019  Childhood Obesity and Rural Disparities:  Rurality, Environment and Body Mass Index Among U.S. Children
Chandler, Raeven PHD 12/2019  Latinx Health and Health Care in the United States: Comparing Rural and Urban Adults in New versus Established Destinations
Whitley, Hannah Terese MS 12/2019  Power, Privilege, and "Playing in the Dirt": An Intersectional Exploration of Women's Agricultural Experiences in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Hoffelmeyer, Michaela MS 12/2019  Sexuality and Sustainable Agriculture: Queer Farmers in the Northeastern U.S.
Sanders, Arie A PHD 8/2019  Assembling the Horticulture Value Chain in Western Honduras
Eissler, Sarah Elizabeth PHD 8/2019  Chcolate and Climate Change: Investigating Gener Dynamics of Small-Scale Cacao Producers in Lampung and South Sulawesi Indonesia
Field, Meredith PHD 8/2019  Power and Injustice: Exploring the Factors that Limit Women's Access to Maternal Health Care in Rural Pennsylvania
Zhou, Shuai MS 8/2019  Subsidized Relocation and the Willingness to Move: Evidence from the Targeted Poverty Alleviation Project in China
Rocker, Sarah PHD 5/2019  Value Chain Coordination:  A New Strategy for Developing Soft Infrastructure in Regional Agri-Food Systems in the United States
Man, Christian Richard PHD 12/2018  Seed Aid, Smallholders, and the Develoopmental State: A Mixed Methods Analysis of Emergency Relief Programs in Ethiopia
Hagedorn, Annelise Dejong PHD 12/2018  “If We Were Valued More": A Study of Childcare Providers in Rural Southwest Pennsylvania
Engle, Elyzabeth Whitney PHD 8/2018  Community Capacity Building, Context, and Everyday Environmental Injustices: Rural Community Gardening and Organizational Networks in Central Appalachia
Traore, Abou PHD 8/2018  Evaluating Agronomic and Social Dimensions of Rice Production: Increasing the Productivity of Smallholders in the NERICA /Rice Value Chain in Guinea
Christy, Celize Ciomara MS 8/2018  Interlinks of Local Knowledge and Community in Challenging Poultry Health in Rwanda
Wang, Donghui PHD 8/2018  The Power of Ideas: How Norms, Perceptions and Aspirations Relate to Demographic Patterns and Individual Well-Being in China
Wildermuth, Grace Amanda MS 5/2018  Marcellus Shale Landowner Coalitions: Form, Function, and Impact
Perchinski, Joshua Cody MS 12/2017 Collective Efficacy and Fear of Crime in the Context of Natural Gas Development
Castro Bernardim, Maria Del PHD 12/2017  Antes del Amanecer [Up Before Dawn]: Work-Family Strategies of Asparagus Agricultural Wage Workers
Balfour, Bruce Joseph PHD 12/2017  Incubating Community: Arts-Based Development, Network Structure, and the Embedding Process
Wornell Seregow, Emily Joy PHD 5/2017 Immigrant Integration In New US Destinations: The Prevalence, Function, And Networks Of Informal Work
Quinhentos, Maria MS 5/2017  Social Networks and Farmers' Willingness to Adopt New Agricultural Technologies: The Case of a New Phosphorus-Efficient Bean Variety in Rural Mozambique
Tavenner, Kathleen Ann PHD 12/2016 A Feminist Political Ecology of Indigenous Vegetables in a South African Protected Area Community
Unroe, Colleen Elizabeth MS 12/2016 Conditions and Constraints Related to Collaborative Management of Natural Resources in Pennsylvania
Suchyta, Mark Edward MS 12/2016 Understanding Sense of Place in Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale
Ely, Danielle Mamie PHD 12/2016  Using the Rural-Urban Continuum to Assess Women's Reproductive Health Care Utilization Across the Life Course
Rhubart, Danielle Christine PHD 8/2016 Expanding Health Insurance Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act: Out with the Disparities and in with the… Disparities?
Reyes, Carolyn MS 8/2016 Motivating the Motivators: Teacher Perceptions of the Peruvian 2012 Teacher Career Law
Bataineh, Karim MS 5/2016 Could Empathy Lead to Community Development? A Study on the Factors Shaping and Maintaining Personal Empathy.
Eshleman, John T PHD 5/2016 Issues, Resources, Strategies: A Field-level Analysis of National Agrifood Organizations
Larson, Eric Charles PHD 5/2016 Private Forest Landowner Willingness, Community Impacts and Concerns, and the Development of a Wood-based Biofuels Industry
Ward, Melissa MS 5/2016 Using Local Demographic Characteristics to Predict Admittance and Enrollment of Underrepresented Applicants in a Midwest Flagship University
Reyes, Carolyn MS 8/2016 Motivating the Motivators: Teacher Perceptions of the Peruvian 2012 Teacher Career Law
Rhubart, Danielle PHD 8/2016 Expanding Health Insurance Coverage under the Affordable Care Act: Out with the Disparities and In with the...Disparities?
Bataineh, Karim MS 5/2016 Could Empathy Lead to Community Development? A Study on the Factors Shaping and Maintaining Personal Empathy
Eshleman, John PHD 5/2016 Issues, Resources, Strategies: A Field-Level Analysis of National Agrifood Organizations
Larson, Eric PHD 5/2016 Private Forest Landowner Willingness, Community Impacts and Concerns, and the Development of a Wood-Based Biofuels Industry
Ward, Melissa MS 5/2016 Using Local Demographic Characteristics to Predict Admittance and Enrollment of Underrepresented Applicants in a Midwest Flagship University
Augst, Tyler MS 12/2015 Are We Still Digitally Divided? Analysis of Uses of the Internet Across Residence in the United States
Castellanos, Paige PHD 12/2015 Stipends and Schooling: A Mixed-Methods Approach to Evaluating Costa Rica's Conditional Cash Transfer Education Program, Avancemos
Corra, Jennifer PHD 12/2015 Aspirations, Expectations, and Influences on the Post-Secondary Plans of Rural Youth
Eissler, Sarah MS 12/2015 Understanding Diffusion of Innovations with Smallholder Coffee Farmers in Turrialba, Costa Rica
Hagedorn, Annelise MS 12/2015 Extracurricular Participation in Rural Pennsylvania High Schools: What Helps? What Hurts?
Hayden, Jennifer PHD 12/2015 The Social Life of Soil
Sterner, Glenn PHD 08/2015 An Examination of Community Organizing Processes to Assess the Potential for Increasing Innovation in Practice
Tran, Thang MS 08/2015 Ethnic Minorities and Fertility in Vietnam: Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Contraception
Babbie, Kristin MS 12/2014 Intersections of Knowledge, New Information Technologies, and Ideas of Good Farming in Southeast Pennsylvania and Northwest Italy
Engle, Elyzabeth MS 12/2014 The Local Experience: A Study of Two Pennsylvania Farm-to-Restaurant Networks
Franklin, Madeline MS 12/2014 Owning Land: The Experiences of Women Farmers in Maryland
Terman, Anna Rachel PHD 08/2014 Hillbilly Women, Affrilachians, and Queer Mountaineers: Belonging and Mobility among Young Adults in Rural Communities
Adam, Rahma PHD 05/2014 Gender and the Dynamics of Production and Distribution of Sweet Potato Planting Materials among Small Holder Farmers in the Lake Victoria Zone Region, Tanzania
Borlu, Yetkin PHD 05/2014 Following the Maize: Regulation and Production in the Agricultural Landscape in Turkey in the 2000s
Jones, Kristal PHD 05/2014 Emerging Seed Markets, Substantive Seed Economics and Integrated Seed Systems in West Africa: A Mixed Methods Analysis
Bloom, J. Dara PHD 12/2013 Strategies for a Sustainable Food System: Issues of Goverance in a Corporate-Led Model of Food System Localization
Pillen, Leslie MS 12/2013 From Old Agricultural Ladders to New Land Access Springboards: An Examination of Land Link Programs in the Northeast U.S.
Wood, Kathleen MS 12/2013 Laboring to Learn and Learning to Labor: Experiences of Farm Interns on Sustainable Farms
Ader, David PHD 08/2013 People of the Land Without Land: A Socio-Demographic Study of Mapuche Poverty
DeLessio-Parson, Anne MS 08/2013 Vegetarianism in a Meat Landscape: A Case Study of Vegetarians in La Plata, Argentina
Green, Brandn PHD 08/2013 Christianity, Self-Transcendence, and Congregational Influences on the Generation of Environmental Values, Attitudes and Behaviors
Moseley, Jannety MS 08/2013 Utilization of Public Assistance Among Mexican-Americans in the Black Belt South: Implications of 1996 Welfare and Immigration Reform
Rhubart, Danielle MS 08/2013 Former Street-Involved Children in Rural Central Kenya: Uncovering an Understudied Population
Gunsallus, April MS 12/2012 Neighborly Stripping: Exotic Dance in a Rural Club
Filteau, Matthew PHD 08/2012 Who are Those Guys? Undoing the Oilfield's Roughneck Masculinity
Kelly, Andrew MS 08/2012 Estimating Migration to Pennsylvania Counties due to Marcellus Shale Drilling Activity
Longmire, Cynthia PHD 08/2012 Pennsylvania's Private Forest Landowners: Exploring Motivations, Management Activities and Sources of Information
Shoff, Carla PHD 08/2012 Disparities in Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy across the Levels and Dimensions of Rurality
Badayos-Jover, Mary PHD 05/2012 Mainstreaming Gender in Philippine Institutional Responses to Climate Change
Nonoguchi, Atsuko PHD 05/2012 Gender and Climate Change in Nepal
Roka, Krishna PHD 05/2012 Evaluating the Performance of NGOs in Nepal
Fortunato, Michael PHD 12/2011 The Individual-Institutional Opportunity Nexus: Examining Interaction, Purpose and Opportunity in Rural Entrepreneurship Development
Jones, Kristal MS 12/2011 Ground for Change: Assessing the Efficacy of Participatory Research and Development of Agricultural Innovations
Raboanarielina, Cara PHD 08/2011 Community Perspectives on Conservation, Forest Livelihoods, and Social Well-being in Zahamena National Park, Madagascar
Eshleman, John MS 05/2011 Knowledge Co-Production and Agricultural Field Days: A Comparison of Three Models
Bedford, Jason PHD 12/2010 Teaching Change: A Mixed-Method Study of Interventions, Risk Perceptions, and Behavior Change among the Garifuna of Honduras
Schwartzberg, Audrey MS 12/2010 Practices and Perspectives in Farm Labor Management: A Qualitative Study of Small-Scale Growers in Central Pennsylvania
Weigle, Jason PHD 12/2010 Resilience, Community, and Perceptions of Marcellus Shale Development in the Pennsylvania Wilds
Clark, Jonathan PHD 08/2010 Greening The Factory Farm: Toward a Theory of Agri-environmental Technoscience
Kazeem, Aramide PHD 08/2010 Examining Children's Well-Being: Schooling and Child Labor in Nigeria
Gordon, Jason PHD 05/2010 Latino Environmental Perceptions and Uses of Outdoor Recreation Areas: Community and Natural Resources in Pennsylvania
Jensen, Eric PHD 05/2010 Distant Fields: Mexican Farmworkers and New Immigrant Destinations in the United States
Woods, Bradley PHD 05/2010 Social Well-Being in the Appalachian Coalfields
Coleman-Jensen, Alisha PHD 08/2009 Time Poverty, Work Characteristics and the Transition to Food Insecurity among Low-Income Households
Mendum, Ruth PHD 08/2009 The Scientific Seed: Collaborative Plant Breeding and the Enhancement of Biodiversity
Bloom, J. Dara MS 05/2009 Conceptualizing "Hybrid" Food Networks: Engaging Conventional Food System Infrastructure to Build Local Food Systems.
Shoff, Carla MS 05/2009 Teenage Fertility: Does Place, Race, or Poverty Matter?
Wolfmuller, Kristin MS 05/2009 Personal Troubles and Public Issues as Master Frames
Meyer, Alissa PHD 12/2008 Farming Fuels: Searching for Rural Revitalization in an Agricultural Bioeconomy
Cascante-Matarrita, David PHD 08/2008 Consequences of Tourism-Based Growth on Rural Communities' Quality of Life: A Comparative Study of Liberia and La Fortuna, Costa Rica
Ryan, Andrea PHD 08/2008 The Effects of Alcohol and Illegal Drug Use on Initial Family Formation
Smith, Lindsay MS 08/2008 From Cow Belles to WagNs: Factors that Have Influenced the Creation of Women Initiated Agriculture Organizations in the United States
Thomas, Robert MS 08/2008 From Renewable to Alternative: Waste Coal and the Pennsylvania Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard
Yang, Tse-Chuan PHD 08/2008 Exploring the Rural Paradox: A Spatial Investigation of Rurality and Mortality
Curry, Alisha MS 05/2008 Out-Group Marriages and Cohabitations: A Logistic Regression Approach to Studying Black, White, and Hispanic Unions
Amsden, Benoni PHD 12/2007 Understanding Sense of Place Among Community Residents and Volunteers in Alaska
Raboanarielina, Cara MS 12/2007 Factors Associated with Forest Management in Allegany County, Maryland
Gordon, Jason MS 08/2007 A Comparative Analysis of Community Risk Perception and Resilience to Wildfire
Bagdonis, Jessica MS 05/2007 Perceptions and Organization of Emerging Farm-to-School Programming in Rural and Urban Pennsylvania Settings.
Iwasaki, Takashi MS 05/2007 Approaching Adults' Perceptions of Responsibility for Child Well-Being
Jolly, Natalie PHD 05/2007 Public Culture, Private Birth: Social Patterns of Amish Domestic Space
Bhandari, Prem PHD 12/2006 Technology Use in Agriculture and Occupational Mobility of Farm Households in Nepal: Demographic and Socioeconomic Correlates
Lenihan, Martin PHD 12/2006 State, Social Movement and Producer Perspectives on Multifunctional Agriculture in the Global Food Regime
Coleman-Jensen, Alisha MS 08/2006 Defining Food Insecurity Status: A Consideration of U.S. Households 'At Risk for Food Insecurity'
Sambisa, William PHD 08/2006 The Influence of Women's Autonomy and Women's Status on Their Adoption of Safe Sexual Behavior as Related to HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe
Smith (Sparks), Patrice PHD 08/2006 Inequality and Infant Health: A Multilevel Approach to Disentangling Correlates of Metropolitan/Nonmetropolitan Disparities in Low Birth Weight Infants
Demi, Mary MS 07/2006 Adolescent Educational and Residential Aspirations: The Role of Community
Khatun, Mahmuda PHD 05/2006 Invisible Men in Power: Some Evidence on UnMet Need for Family Planning in Bangladesh
Cascante-Matarrita, David MS 08/2005 Factors Associated with Community Participation in Western Communities.
James, Erin MS 05/2005 Factors Influencing the Adoption and Non-Adoption of the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program in the Cannonsville Watershed, New York
Tanzo, Irene PHD 05/2005 Women and Pesticide Management in the Philippines: An Assessment of Roles and Knowledge
Flint (Hauge), Courtney PHD 12/2004 Community Response to Forest Disturbancies on Alaska's Kensi Peninsula
Slack, Timothy PHD 12/2004 Work, Welfare, and the Informal Economy: An Examination of Family Livelihood Strategies
Goncuoglu,Sezer PHD 05/2004 Public Attitudes toward Genetically Modified Foods
Brennan, Mark PHD 12/2003 Community Agency: A Comparison of Rural Community Action in Ireland and Pennsylvania.
Chen, Jiaqiang MS 12/2003 Contraceptive Use and Method Choice in China
Leon/Castro, Camilo MS 12/2003 Social Impact Assessment of Camisea Pipeline Project
Van Loon, Mollie PHD 05/2003 Teenage Pre-Marital Childbearing
Imoff, Ethan MS 12/2002 Determining the Socioeconomic Impacts of Prison Construction on Rural Communities: A Case Study of Somerset, Pennsylvania
Bodes, Kimberly MS 06/2002 Does Residence and Income Matter? A Cohort Comparison of Youth Employment in 1979 and 1997
Knight, Andrew PHD 05/2002 Afraid of Food? An Integrative Approach to the Study of Risk Perception