Current or last known positions of graduates from the Rural Sociology program, Penn State University (2003 and later). Dual title program, if applicable, in parentheses.

Graduation Year Name Current Placement
2021 Garner, Elisabeth Gender and Agriculture Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Global Development, Cornell University
2021 Scott, Christian Research Associate, Center for Global Change and Earth Observations, Michigan State University
2021 Brooks, Matthew Postdoctoral Researcher at the Centre on Population Dynamics and the Department of Sociology at McGill University, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec
2020 Mueller, J. Thomas Assistant Professor, Utah State
2019 Chandler, Raeven Assistant Research Professor, Penn State
2019 Wang, Wei-Lin Postdoctoral Researcher, UCLA
2019 Eissler, Sarah Coffee Quality Institute
2019 Sander, Arie Zamorano University
2019 Field, Meredith Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Cincinnati
2019 Rocker, Sarah Researcher, Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development
2018 Traore, Abou Postdoctoral Researcher, Michigan State University
2018 Engle, Elyzabeth (HDNRE) Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, McDaniel College
2018 Wang, Donghui Postdoctoral Fellow, Princeton University
2018 Hagedorn, Annelise Instructor, Blue Ridge Community College
2018 Man, Christian Center for Strategic & International Studies
2017 Wornell, Emily (DEMOG) Research Assistant Professor, Indiana Communities Institute, Ball State
2017 Rosario Castro Bernardini (WGSS), Maria Teaching Fellow, Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Penn State University
2017 Balfour, Bruce consultant
2016 Ely, Danielle (DEMOG) Statistician, Dept. of Birth Vital Statistics, National Center for Health Statistics, Center for Disease Control
2016 Eshleman, John T. (HDNRE) Research and Program Manager, World Food Policy Center, Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke University
2016 Larson, Eric (HDNRE) Social Scientist, Social and Economic Analysis Branch, U.S. Geological Survey (Fort Collins, CO)
2016 Rhubart, Danielle (DEMOG) Instructor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Wright State University (Ohio)
2016 Tavenner, Katie (WS) CGIAR Post-doctoral Gender Fellow, International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Nairobi, Kenya
2015 Castellanos, Paige (INTAD) Post-doctoral scholar, International Programs, College of Agricultural Sciences, Penn State
2015 Corra, Jennifer Digital product owner, Humana (Louisville, KY)
2015 Hayden, Jennifer Communications and Development Director, The Cornucopia Institute, Wisconsin
2015 Sterner, Glenn Post-doctoral research associate, Justice Center for Research, Department of Sociology, Penn State
2014 Adam, Rahma World Bank Group Fellow, Boston area
2014 Borlu, Yetkin Visiting Lecturer, Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Richmond
2014 Jones, Kristal (INTAD) Assistant Research Scientist/NSF Food Systems Research Fellow, National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center, University of Maryland
2014 Terman, Rachel (WS) Assistant Professor, Dept. of Anthropology and Sociology, Ohio University
2013 Ader, David (DEMOG) Post-doctoral research associate, Institute of Agriculture, University of Tennessee
2013 Bloom, Dara Assistant Professor and Local Food Systems Specialist, Department of Youth, Family and Community Sciences, North Carolina State University
2013 Green, Brandn (HDNRE) Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Coordinator/Epidemiologist, Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services
2012 Badayos-Jover, Barby (WS) Director of Gender and Development Program and Associate Professor, University of the Philippines-Visayas
2012 Filteau, Matthew Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Montana State University
2012 Longmire, Cynthia (HDNRE) Human Dimensions Specialist, South Dakota Department of Game, Fish, and Parks
2012 Nonoguchi, Atsuko Disaster Risk Reduction consultant, Japanese International Cooperation Agency
2012 Roka, Krishna (HDNRE) Assistant Professor, Dept. of Sociology and Social Work, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point
2012 Shoff, Carla (DEMOG) Health Statistician, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Baltimore, MD
2011 Fortunato, Michael Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Director of the Center for Rural Studies, Sam Houston State University
2011 Raboanarielina, Cara (HDNRE) Regional technical adviser for Agricultural Livelihoods and Learning, Catholic Relief Services; Lusaka, Zambia
2010 Bedford, Jason (DEMOG) Jason Bedford (DEMOG), Senior Analyst/Technical Advisor, ABT Associates
2010 Clark, Jonathan Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology and Sociology, Ursinus College
2010 Gordon, Jason (HDNRE) Associate Extension Professor, Department of Forestry, Mississippi State University
2010 Jensen, Eric (DEMOG) Technical Lead, Demographic Analysis Program, U.S. Census Bureau
2010 Kazeem, Aramide (DEMOG) Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of West Georgia
2010 Weigle, Jason (HDNRE) Extension Educator, University of Nebraska Lincoln
2010 Woods, Brad (HDNRE) Associate Director, Research Integrity and Compliance Review Office, Colorado State University
2009 Coleman-Jensen, Alisha (DEMOG) Social Science Analyst, USDA Economic Research Service, Food Assistance Branch
2009 Mendum, Ruth (WS) Associate Director for Gender Initiatives, Office of International Programs, College of Agricultural Sciences, Penn State University
2008 Cascante-Matarrita, David Associate Professor, Department of Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Sciences, Texas A&M University
2008 Meyer Rossi, Alissa Senior Lecturer, College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, University of Kentucky
2008 Ryan, Andrea (DEMOG) Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
2008 Yang, Tse-Chuan (DEMOG) Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, SUNY-Albany
2007 Amsden, Ben Director, Center for Business and Community Partnerships, Plymouth State University (NH)
2007 Jolly, Natalie (WS) Lecturer, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, University of Washington-Tacoma
2006 Bhandari, Prem (DEMOG) Assistant Research Scientist, Population Studies Center, University of Michigan
2006 Khatun, Mahmuda Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
2004 Lenihan, Martin Senior Social Development Specialist, World Bank
2004 Sambisa, William (DEMOG) Director, Senior Measurement and Evaluation Officer, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
2004 Sparks, P. Johnelle (DEMOG) Associate Professor, Dept. of Demography, University of Texas - San Antonio
2005 Flint, Courtney Associate Professor of Natural Resource Sociology, Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work, Utah State
2005 Logan, Cassandra Assistant Survey Director, National Survey of College Graduates, U.S. Census Bureau
2005 Tanzo, Irene Head, Social Science Division, Philippine Rice Research Institute
2004 Nonoyama, Atsuko Research Scientist, Office of AIDS, California Department of Public Health
2004 Slack, Tim (DEMOG) Associate Professor, Dept. of Sociology, Louisiana State University
2003 Brennan, Mark UNESCO Chair and Professor of Agricultural and Extension Education, Department of Agricultural Economics, Sociology and Education, Penn State
2003 Van Loon, Mollie (DEMOG) Senior Project Associate, CSIS, Department of Agricultural Economics, Sociology and Education, Penn State