The EEFE program was approved as new Penn State degree granting program in 2017. The degree builds on prior degrees in Agricultural Environmental and Regional Economics (AEREC) offered by the College of Agricultural Sciences, and Energy and Mineral Engineering (EME Energy Policy Option) offered by the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences. The table below lists M.S. and Ph.D. thesis titles for recent AEREC and EME (Energy Policy Option) students.

Student Degree Grad Date Thesis Title
Rasool, Asif PHD 5/2024 Three Essays in Applied Economics: Topics in Agricultural Economics and Public Finance
Zhou, Pei PHD 12/2023 Three Essays on Food Safety, Health, and Food Marketing 
Feng, Jinglin PHD 8/2023 Three Essays on Food Assistance, Environmental Stressor, and Food Choices
Simandjuntak, Daniel Perdana PHD 8/2023 Three Essays on Consumer and Retailer Food Responses to Natural Disasters and Disruptive Events
Traore, Abdelmoumine PHD 5/2023 Essays on the Mitigation of Climate-Related Stochastic Losses through Investment and Insurance
Jayasekera, Deshamitthra PHD 8/2022 Three Essays on Household Location Choice and Internal Migration in the United States
Huang, Xuetao PHD 5/2021 Three Essays on the Effects of the Minimum Wage on Labor Market Outcomes of Immigrants in the United States
Teti, Zachary PHD 5/2021 By Show of (Which) Hands: An Empirical Analysis of Regional Transmission Organization Stakeholder Voting
Yu, Yang PHD 8/2020  Essays on Food Waste and Consumer Demand Analysis
Choi, Byunghee PHD 8/2020  Economics of Adaptation: Generalized Optimal Switching
Peklak, Darrah MS 8/2020  The Quantile Treatment of the Treated After Hurricane Ike: An analysis of the Houston, TX housing market
Chen, Xuan PHD 5/2020  Three Essays on Consumer Demand, Health, and Retail Competition
Mitchell, Gregory MS 5/2020  Greening the Steel City:Testing for Environmental Gentrification in Allegheny County
Arora, Rashmit MS 8/2019  Assessing the Viability of Meat Alternatives to Mitigate the Societal Concerns Associated with Animal Agriculture in India
Zhang, Bo PHD 8/2019  Agricultural, Environmental and Regional Economics
Cook, Aaron Matthew PHD 5/2019  Economic Issues in Nutrient Pollution Control
Chau, Truong Nhut PHD 12/2018  Essays on Atricultural Risk Management and Water Use; and Recreational Fishing Participation After Ecological Distruption by an Invasive Species
Shu, Jingjing MS 8/2018  The Link Between Diet Quality and Organic Food Purchases for U.S. Households
Irani Kermani, Roozbeh PHD 8/2018  Three Essays on Structural State- Dependent MArketing Variables
Chen, Yunsi PHD 5/2018  Three Essays on Demand Analysis with Food Spoilage
Hoy, Kyle Adam PHD 12/2017  Three Essays on Energy and Food Policy
Rimsaite, Renata PHD 12/2017  Three Essays on U.S. Water Rights Markets: Price Efficiency, Welfare Gains, and Institutions
Tyagi, Ashish PHD 8/2017  Essays on Greenhouse Gas Emissions Policies in India and Gains from Reforming Water Allocation Institutions
Shr, Yau Huo PHD 8/2017  Essays on Non-Market Valuation: Survey Soliciting Method, Model Selection Strategy, and a Hedonic Pricing Application on Flood Risks
Scharadin, Benjamin Paul PHD 8/2017  Three Essays on Household Committed Activities and Diet Quality
Li, Minghao PHD 8/2017  Three essays on intergenerational mobility
Dang, Chi Kim MS 12/2016 The Influence of Household Assets and Community Assets on Rice Farmers' Adaptation Decisions to Climate Change in Viet Nam
Wu, Yingxian PHD 12/2016 Essays on consumers' purchase behavior for fresh fruits and vegetables
Tian, Jiachuan PHD 12/2016 Commodity Price Dynamics:  Discontinuity and Jumps
Cho, Wonjoo PHD 8/2016 Bilateral Information Asymmetry in the Design of an Agri-Environmental Program: An Application to Peatland Retirement in Norway
Demko, Iryna PHD 8/2016 Essays on U.S. Organic Food Trade and Credence Goods Consumption
Espinoza Hermoza, Mauricio MS 8/2016 Breaking Land Inequality in Peru: Are Land Markets Enough?
Li, Jing PHD 8/2016 Three Essays on the Health-Related Product Attributes and Consumer Purchasing Behavior: An Application to Ready-to-Eat Breakfast Cereal Market
Li, Xueyi MS 8/2016 Barriers to Improving Implementation of Pennsylvania's Underground Injection Well Program
Puggioni, Daniela PHD 8/2016 On Modeling and Evaluating the Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility
Roa Rodriguez, Monica PHD 8/2016 Essays on Entrepreneurship and Credit in Colombia
Zaveri, Esha PHD 8/2016 Essays on Adaptation Responses to Climate Variability in India
Liang, Jiaochen PHD 5/2016 Three Essays on U.S. Regional Development and Economic Resilience
Marasteanu, Ioana PHD 12/2014 Hotspots of Certified Organic Operations in the United States: Identification, Formation, and Impact
Wang, Haoying PHD 12/2014 Essays on Land Development, Housing Markets and Environment
Yang, Qiong PHD 8/2014 Measuring Technical Efficiency in Agricultural Extension Services
Chen, Danhong PHD 5/2014 Three Essays on Food Environment, Food Demand, and Health
Salcedo Du Bois, Rodrigo PHD 5/2014 Groundwater Games: Users' Behavior in Common-Pool Resource Economic Laboratory and Field Experiments
Adams, Riley MS 12/2013 Natural Disasters and Proprietorships: A New Form of Creative Destruction
Salas Garcia, Vania PHD 12/2013 Three Essays on Economic Development: International Migration, Social Networks, and Social Capital
Sen, Shonel PHD 12/2013 Three Essays on the Quantity-Quality Model of Fertility for India: Theoretical Extensions and Empirical Testing
Sevilla, Luis PHD 12/2013 Social Networks and the Exchange Economy in Rural Mozambique: A Study of Off-farm Labor and Crop Marketing Behaviors
Davlasheridze, Meri PHD 08/2013 Hurrican Disaster Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation: Evidence from US Coastal Economy
Fan, Qin PHD 08/2013 Climate Change Impacts on Household Location Choices in the U.S. and Economic Consequences
Mykoniatis, Nikolaos PHD 08/2013 Three Essays on Bioeconomics of Renewable Resources: Management Regimes, Water Quality Implications and Habitat-fishery Interactions in the Chesapeake Bay
Bejarano, Hernan PHD 05/2013 Participation, Pricing and Perception in Markets with Externalities
Meng, Xiao PHD 05/2013 Strategic Marketing Behavior of Private Label and Organic Product Firms: A Case Study of the Pre-Packaged Salad Sector
Saborio-Rodriguez, Maria Del Milagro PHD 05/2013 Two Essays about Environmental Externalities and One Essay on Trade Cost Measurement
Edmundson, Caitlyn MS 12/2012 Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Drilling Operator's Choice of Wastewater Disposal Method
Li, Shujie PHD 12/2012 Exploring the Mediating Effect of Social Capital on Human Capital in Economic Well-being: A Micro-analysis of Four Countries
He, Guanze MS 08/2012 The Influence of Openness to World Trade and Policies for Technology Diffusion in Chinese State-owned Enterprises
Hu, Yong PHD 08/2012 Three Essays on Technology Development and FDI in China: Regional Spillover, Factor Bias Spillover, and Change of Energy Intensity
Mahinchai, Montira MS 08/2012 Telecommunications Market Disequilibrium in Southeast Asia
Oh, Soo Hyun PHD 08/2012 Structural Estimation on Demand with Brand Choice and Quantity Adjustment: From Non-organic to Organic Food
She, Apurba PHD 08/2012 Bounded Learning Efficiency and Sources of Firm Level Productivity Growth
Fleming, David PHD 05/2012 Three Essays on Exogenous Shocks in Rural Areas: Land Conservation Policies and Natural Disasters
Yoo, Jin Woo PHD 12/2011 Advances in Nonmarket Valuation Econometrics: Spatial Heterogeneity in Hedonic Pricing Models and Preference Heterogeneity in Stated Preference Models
Toommongkol, Worawan PHD 08/2011 Product Quality in the Distribution Channel for Retail Food Products
Zhang, Lin PHD 08/2011 Rural Labor Mobility, Agricultural Technology Diffusion, and Agricultural Land Leasing in the Process of Rural Economy Development: A Multi-Agent System Modeling Approach Representing Dynamic Household Decision-Making in South China
Jimenez-Maldonado, Alwin PHD 05/2011 Developing Decision Rules for the Rainfall Index Insurance Program: An Application to Pennsylvania Producers
Kaufman, Zachary MS 05/2011 Agricultural Best Management Practice Adoption Decisions and Spatial Dependence in Southeastern Pennsylvania Farms and Watersheds
Tellioglu, Isin PHD 05/2011 Implications of Food Safety and Quality Standards: Insights from Turkish Tomato Exports
Banerjee, Simanti PHD 12/2010 Payments for Ecosystem Services Schemes for Spatially Coordinated Land Management: An Experimental Study (Supervised by Professors James Shortle and Anthony M. Kwasnica)
Wilson, Thomas MS 08/2010 Life Cycle Emissions and GHG Abatement Costs of Densified Switchgrass for Heat and Power
Wu, Yingxian MS 08/2010 Modeling and Testing Strategic Pricing, Product Positioning, and Couponing Behavior By Food Manufacturers and Retailers
Salas Garcia, Vania MS 05/2010 Subjective Well-Being: Effects of Internal Migration from Rural to Urban Areas
Wu, Ping-Chao PHD 05/2010 Modeling and Testing Strategic Pricing, Product Positioning, and Couponing Behavior by Food Manufacturers and Retailers
Nguyen, Nga-Phuong PHD 12/2009 A Stochastic Agent-Based Market Model for Water Quality Trading Using Evolutionary Simulation Techniques
Emvalomatis, Grigorios PHD 08/2009 Parametric Models for Dynamic Efficiency Measurement
Ghosh, Gaurav PHD 08/2009 Three Essays on Pricing in Socially-Optimal Markets for Differentiated Goods
Jin, Bei MS 08/2009 Willingness-to-Pay for Safer Food Preservatives in Moon Cake: Evidence from a Consumer Survey in Beijing
Pu, Na MS 08/2009 Measuring the Competitiveness of China's Vegetable Exports in the U.S. Market
Yenerall, Jacqueline MS 08/2009 The Effects of Climate Change and Biofuel Policy on Agricultural Land Use in Pennsylvania
Yu, Xiaohua PHD 05/2009 Essays on Consumer Behavior and Demand Analysis: Food Quality, Non-Market Goods, and Habit-Persistence
Chikasada, Mitsuko PHD 12/2008 Three Essays on Demand for Organic Milk in the U.S., Environment and Economic Growth in Japan, and Life Expectancy at Birth and Socio-Economic Factors in Japan
Loiacono, Matthew MS 12/2008 The Effects of Agricultural Conservation Easements on Residential Property Values
Minihan, Erin MS 12/2008 The Impact of Ethanol Production on Agricultural Land Use in Pennsylvania
Yano, Yuki PHD 12/2008 Incentives and Moral Hazard in Agri-Environmental Policy
Ghimire, Narishwar MS 08/2008 Economics of Biodiesel Production from Microalgae
Balasubramanyam, Lakshmi PHD 05/2008 Three Essays in United States Commercial Banking (Supervised by Professors Spiro E. Stefanou and Jeffrey R. Stokes)
Fleming, David MS 05/2008 International Trade, Agricultural Productivity and Poverty: The Role of Product Tradability in the Chilean Case
Ghosh, Koel PHD 05/2008 Three Essays on Environmental Decision Making Under Uncertainty (Supervised by James S. Shortle)
Leuer, Betty (Elizabeth) MS 05/2008 Assessing the Profitability of Anaerobic Digesters on Dairy Farms in Pennsylvania: Real Options Analysis with Multiple Jump Processes (Supervised by Professor Jeffrey Hyde)
Pajic, Mirjana MS 05/2008 The Impact of Tariff Reduction and Global Demand Growth on the U.S. Dairy Industry
Carriazo, Fernando PHD 12/2007 Measuring Urban Amenities and Disamenities: A Spatial Hedonic Analysis in Bogota, Columbia (Supervised by Professors James Shortle and Richard Ready), 168 pp.
Emvalomatis, Grigorios MS 08/2007 Distinguishing Technologies and Measuring Performance in Farm Production: The Case of Pennsylvania Dairy (Supervised by Professor Spiro E. Stefanou)
Ochai, Sule MSAG 08/2007 An Empirical Analysis of Alternative Labor Participation, Labor Demand and Supply Decisions Among Adult Indian Male Farmers
Shrestha, Sundar PHD 08/2007 Essays on Childhood Nutritional Deprivation in Nepal and Off-Farm Employment in the United States: Multi-Level and Spatial Econometric Modeling Approach
Bharadwaj, Latika PHD 05/2007 Work Participation, Motivation, and Benefit Receipt From Off-Farm Work on U.S. Farms: A Household Bargaining Approach
Dressler, Jonathan MS 05/2007 Mortgage Termination and Risk Rating Migration at Agchoice Farm Credit (Supervised by Professor Jeffrey Stokes)
Rossman, William MS 05/2007 The Influence of Consumer Knowledge and Characteristics on Applesauce Selection: Evidence from a Survey of Pennsylvania Residents
Tunceli, Ozgur PHD 05/2007 Labor Market Transitions of Involuntary Part-Time Workers: How Hard Is It to Get Back to Full-time Jobs?
Grassmueck, Georg PHD 12/2006 The Role of Governmental Organizational Form in Economic Growth
Tellioglu, Isin MS 12/2006 Tarrifs on U.S. Imports of Dairy Products: A Product Component Analysis
Wang, Li PHD 12/2006 Spatial Econometric Issues in Hedonic Property Value Models: Model Choice and Endogenous Land Use
Williams, Jeffrey MS 12/2006 Categorized Retail Land Use and Its Association with Residential Property Values in Berks County, Pennsylvania: A Hedonic Analysis
Wood, Jr., Lawrence MS 12/2006 Broadband in Rural Pennsylvania: Narrowing the Digital Divide
Chatterjee, Amal MS 08/2006 Rural Traffic Congestion and the Northeastern Boiler Industry
Jayaraman, Anuja PHD 08/2006 Poverty Dynamics and Household Response: Disaster Shocks in Rural Bangladesh
Konovalchuk, Vladimir PHD 08/2006 A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis of the Economic Effects of the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster
Lawton, Jennifer MS 08/2006 Stated Respondent Uncertainty and Mitigation of Hypothetical Bias in Choice Experiments
Ward, Kelly PHD 08/2006 Optimal Inter-Temporal Management of a Renewable Resource: A Policy Analysis
Mo, Xiugen MS 05/2006 Sustainable Development and Rural Poverty in Pooer Communities of South China
Bae, Jeong PHD 12/2005 The Welfare Consequences of Carbon Tax Reform in Open Economies: The Application of Computable General Equilibrium Model for Pennsylvania.
Du, Shengwu PHD 12/2005 Commodity Futures in Asset Allocation.
Price, Jennifer MS 12/2005 An Economic Analysis of Community Refuge Requirements for Insect Resistant Bt Corn
Ridout (Jamro), Erika MS 12/2005 Valuing Watersheds and their Effect on Quality of Life: A Study of Two Pennsylvania Watersheds
Steward, Annette MSAG 12/2005 Estimating the Economic Implications of Farm Management Decisions
Kipp, Mary MS 05/2005 Estimating Preferences for Quality-of-Life Attributes Using the Stated Choice Method: A Survey of Cape May County, New Jersey Residents.