Recent Thesis Titles

StudentDegreeGrad DateThesis Title
Cho, Wonjoo PHD 8/2016 Bilateral Information Asymmetry in the Design of an Agri-Environmental Program: An Application to Peatland Retirement in Norway
Demko, Iryna PHD 8/2016 Essays on U.S. Organic Food Trade and Credence Goods Consumption
Espinoza Hermoza, Mauricio MS 8/2016 Breaking Land Inequality in Peru: Are Land Markets Enough?
Li, Jing PHD 8/2016 Three Essays on the Health-Related Product Attributes and Consumer Purchasing Behavior: An Application to Ready-to-Eat Breakfast Cereal Market
Li, Xueyi MS 8/2016 Barriers to Improving Implementation of Pennsylvania's Underground Injection Well Program
Puggioni, Daniela PHD 8/2016 On Modeling and Evaluating the Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility
Roa Rodriguez, Monica PHD 8/2016 Essays on Entrepreneurship  and Credit in Colombia
Zaveri, Esha PHD 8/2016 Essays on Adaptation Responses to Climate Variability in India
Liang, Jiaochen PHD 5/2016 Three Essays on U.S. Regional Development and Economic Resilience
Marasteanu, Ioana PHD 12/2014 Hotspots of Certified Organic Operations in the United States: Identification, Formation, and Impact
Wang, Haoying PHD 12/2014 Essays on Land Development, Housing Markets and Environment
Yang, Qiong PHD 8/2014 Measuring Technical Efficiency in Agricultural Extension Services
Chen, Danhong  PHD  5/2014  Three Essays on Food Environment, Food Demand, and Health 
Salcedo Du Bois, Rodrigo  PHD  5/2014  Groundwater Games: Users' Behavior in Common-Pool Resource Economic Laboratory and Field Experiments 
Adams, Riley  MS 12/2013  Natural Disasters and Proprietorships: A New Form of Creative Destruction 
Salas Garcia, Vania  PHD  12/2013  Three Essays on Economic Development: International Migration, Social Networks, and Social Capital 
Sen, Shonel  PHD  12/2013  Three Essays on the Quantity-Quality Model of Fertility for India: Theoretical Extensions and Empirical Testing 
Sevilla, Luis  PHD  12/2013  Social Networks and the Exchange Economy in Rural Mozambique: A Study of Off-farm Labor and Crop Marketing Behaviors 
Davlasheridze, Meri  PHD  08/2013  Hurrican Disaster Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation: Evidence from US Coastal Economy 
Fan, Qin  PHD  08/2013  Climate Change Impacts on Household Location Choices in the U.S. and Economic Consequences 
Mykoniatis, Nikolaos PHD  08/2013  Three Essays on Bioeconomics of Renewable Resources: Management Regimes, Water Quality Implications and Habitat-fishery Interactions in the Chesapeake Bay 
Bejarano, Hernan  PHD  05/2013  Participation, Pricing and Perception in Markets with Externalities 
Meng, Xiao  PHD  05/2013  Strategic Marketing Behavior of Private Label and Organic Product Firms: A Case Study of the Pre-Packaged Salad Sector 
Saborio-Rodriguez, Maria Del Milagro  PHD  05/2013  Two Essays about Environmental Externalities and One Essay on Trade Cost Measurement 
Edmundson, Caitlyn  MS  12/2012  Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Drilling Operator's Choice of Wastewater Disposal Method 
Li, Shujie  PHD  12/2012  Exploring the Mediating Effect of Social Capital on Human Capital in Economic Well-being: A Micro-analysis of Four Countries 
He, Guanze MS  08/2012  The Influence of Openness to World Trade and Policies for Technology Diffusion in Chinese State-owned Enterprises 
Hu, Yong  PHD  08/2012  Three Essays on Technology Development and FDI in China: Regional Spillover, Factor Bias Spillover, and Change of Energy Intensity 
Mahinchai, Montira MS 08/2012 Telecommunications Market Disequilibrium in Southeast Asia 
Oh, Soo Hyun  PHD  08/2012  Structural Estimation on Demand with Brand Choice and Quantity Adjustment: From Non-organic to Organic Food 
She, Apurba PHD 08/2012 Bounded Learning Efficiency and Sources of Firm Level Productivity Growth 
Fleming, David PHD  05/2012  Three Essays on Exogenous Shocks in Rural Areas: Land Conservation Policies and Natural Disasters 
Yoo, Jin Woo  PHD  12/2011  Advances in Nonmarket Valuation Econometrics: Spatial Heterogeneity in Hedonic Pricing Models and Preference Heterogeneity in Stated Preference Models 
Toommongkol, Worawan PHD 08/2011 Product Quality in the Distribution Channel for Retail Food Products
Zhang, Lin PHD 08/2011 Rural Labor Mobility, Agricultural Technology Diffusion, and Agricultural Land Leasing in the Process of Rural Economy Development: A Multi-Agent System Modeling Approach Representing Dynamic Household Decision-Making in South China
Jimenez-Maldonado, Alwin PHD 05/2011 Developing Decision Rules for the Rainfall Index Insurance Program: An Application to Pennsylvania Producers
Kaufman, Zachary MS 05/2011 Agricultural Best Management Practice Adoption Decisions and Spatial Dependence in Southeastern Pennsylvania Farms and Watersheds
Tellioglu, Isin PHD 05/2011 Implications of Food Safety and Quality Standards: Insights from Turkish Tomato Exports
Banerjee, Simanti PHD 12/2010 Payments for Ecosystem Services Schemes for Spatially Coordinated Land Management: An Experimental Study (Supervised by Professors James Shortle and Anthony M. Kwasnica)
Wilson, Thomas MS 08/2010 Life Cycle Emissions and GHG Abatement Costs of Densified Switchgrass for Heat and Power
Wu, Yingxian MS 08/2010 Modeling and Testing Strategic Pricing, Product Positioning, and Couponing Behavior By Food Manufacturers and Retailers
Salas Garcia, Vania MS 05/2010 Subjective Well-Being: Effects of Internal Migration from Rural to Urban Areas
Wu, Ping-Chao PHD 05/2010 Modeling and Testing Strategic Pricing, Product Positioning, and Couponing Behavior by Food Manufacturers and Retailers
Nguyen, Nga-Phuong PHD 12/2009 A Stochastic Agent-Based Market Model for Water Quality Trading Using Evolutionary Simulation Techniques
Emvalomatis, Grigorios PHD 08/2009 Parametric Models for Dynamic Efficiency Measurement
Ghosh, Gaurav PHD 08/2009 Three Essays on Pricing in Socially-Optimal Markets for Differentiated Goods
Jin, Bei MS 08/2009 Willingness-to-Pay for Safer Food Preservatives in Moon Cake: Evidence from a Consumer Survey in Beijing
Pu, Na MS 08/2009 Measuring the Competitiveness of China's Vegetable Exports in the U.S. Market
Yenerall, Jacqueline MS 08/2009 The Effects of Climate Change and Biofuel Policy on Agricultural Land Use in Pennsylvania
Yu, Xiaohua PHD 05/2009 Essays on Consumer Behavior and Demand Analysis: Food Quality, Non-Market Goods, and Habit-Persistence
Chikasada, Mitsuko PHD 12/2008 Three Essays on Demand for Organic Milk in the U.S., Environment and Economic Growth in Japan, and Life Expectancy at Birth and Socio-Economic Factors in Japan
Loiacono, Matthew MS 12/2008 The Effects of Agricultural Conservation Easements on Residential Property Values
Minihan, Erin MS 12/2008 The Impact of Ethanol Production on Agricultural Land Use in Pennsylvania
Yano, Yuki PHD 12/2008 Incentives and Moral Hazard in Agri-Environmental Policy
Ghimire, Narishwar MS 08/2008 Economics of Biodiesel Production from Microalgae
Balasubramanyam, Lakshmi PHD 05/2008 Three Essays in United States Commercial Banking (Supervised by Professors Spiro E. Stefanou and Jeffrey R. Stokes)
Fleming, David MS 05/2008 International Trade, Agricultural Productivity and Poverty: The Role of Product Tradability in the Chilean Case
Ghosh, Koel PHD 05/2008 Three Essays on Environmental Decision Making Under Uncertainty (Supervised by James S. Shortle)
Leuer, Betty (Elizabeth) MS 05/2008 Assessing the Profitability of Anaerobic Digesters on Dairy Farms in Pennsylvania: Real Options Analysis with Multiple Jump Processes (Supervised by Professor Jeffrey Hyde)
Pajic, Mirjana MS 05/2008 The Impact of Tariff Reduction and Global Demand Growth on the U.S. Dairy Industry
Carriazo, Fernando PHD 12/2007 Measuring Urban Amenities and Disamenities: A Spatial Hedonic Analysis in Bogota, Columbia (Supervised by Professors James Shortle and Richard Ready), 168 pp.
Emvalomatis, Grigorios MS 08/2007 Distinguishing Technologies and Measuring Performance in Farm Production: The Case of Pennsylvania Dairy (Supervised by Professor Spiro E. Stefanou)
Ochai, Sule MSAG 08/2007 An Empirical Analysis of Alternative Labor Participation, Labor Demand and Supply Decisions Among Adult Indian Male Farmers
Shrestha, Sundar PHD 08/2007 Essays on Childhood Nutritional Deprivation in Nepal and Off-Farm Employment in the United States: Multi-Level and Spatial Econometric Modeling Approach
Bharadwaj, Latika PHD 05/2007 Work Participation, Motivation, and Benefit Receipt From Off-Farm Work on U.S. Farms: A Household Bargaining Approach
Dressler, Jonathan MS 05/2007 Mortgage Termination and Risk Rating Migration at Agchoice Farm Credit (Supervised by Professor Jeffrey Stokes)
Rossman, William MS 05/2007 The Influence of Consumer Knowledge and Characteristics on Applesauce Selection: Evidence from a Survey of Pennsylvania Residents
Tunceli, Ozgur PHD 05/2007 Labor Market Transitions of Involuntary Part-Time Workers: How Hard Is It to Get Back to Full-time Jobs?
Grassmueck, Georg PHD 12/2006 The Role of Governmental Organizational Form in Economic Growth
Tellioglu, Isin MS 12/2006 Tarrifs on U.S. Imports of Dairy Products: A Product Component Analysis
Wang, Li PHD 12/2006 Spatial Econometric Issues in Hedonic Property Value Models: Model Choice and Endogenous Land Use
Williams, Jeffrey MS 12/2006 Categorized Retail Land Use and Its Association with Residential Property Values in Berks County, Pennsylvania: A Hedonic Analysis
Wood, Jr., Lawrence MS 12/2006 Broadband in Rural Pennsylvania: Narrowing the Digital Divide
Chatterjee, Amal MS 08/2006 Rural Traffic Congestion and the Northeastern Boiler Industry
Jayaraman, Anuja PHD 08/2006 Poverty Dynamics and Household Response: Disaster Shocks in Rural Bangladesh
Konovalchuk, Vladimir PHD 08/2006 A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis of the Economic Effects of the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster
Lawton, Jennifer MS 08/2006 Stated Respondent Uncertainty and Mitigation of Hypothetical Bias in Choice Experiments
Ward, Kelly PHD 08/2006 Optimal Inter-Temporal Management of a Renewable Resource: A Policy Analysis
Mo, Xiugen MS 05/2006 Sustainable Development and Rural Poverty in Pooer Communities of South China
Bae, Jeong PHD 12/2005 The Welfare Consequences of Carbon Tax Reform in Open Economies: The Application of Computable General Equilibrium Model for Pennsylvania.
Du, Shengwu PHD 12/2005 Commodity Futures in Asset Allocation.
Price, Jennifer MS 12/2005 An Economic Analysis of Community Refuge Requirements for Insect Resistant Bt Corn
Ridout (Jamro), Erika MS 12/2005 Valuing Watersheds and their Effect on Quality of Life: A Study of Two Pennsylvania Watersheds
Steward, Annette MSAG 12/2005 Estimating the Economic Implications of Farm Management Decisions
Kipp, Mary MS 05/2005 Estimating Preferences for Quality-of-Life Attributes Using the Stated Choice Method: A Survey of Cape May County, New Jersey Residents.