Ph.D. Student Job Placements

Many of our Ph.D. graduates have taken faculty positions at leading universities worldwide, research organizations, government agencies, private industry, and nonprofit organizations.
2017 Lauren Chenarides Jaenicke Arizona State University--W.P Carey School of Business Assistant Professor
2017 Kyle Hoy Wrenn Shepherd University, Dept of Economics Assistant Professor
2017 Yao-Huo (Jimmy) Shr Zipp Iowa State University, Dept of Economics Post-doctoral Research Associate
2017 Benjamin Scharadin Jaenicke Washington and Lee University, Dept of Economics Visiting Assistant Professor
2017 Ashish Tyagi Shortle Frankfurt School of Finance and Management Post-doctoral Researcher
2016 Esha Zaveri Fisher-Vanden Stanford University Post-doctoral scholar, Center on Food Security and the Environment
2016 Jiaochen Liang Goetz California State University, Fresno, Department of Agricultural Business Assistant Professor
2016 Iryna Demko Jaenicke Ohio State University, Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics Post-doctoral Researcher
2016 Jiachuan Tian Weaver American Airlines Operations Research Analyst
2016 Daniela Puggioni Jaenicke University of Florida, Dept of Food and Resource Economics Post-doctoral Researcher and Adjunct Lecturer
2015 Ioana (Julia) Marasteanu  Jaenicke Food and Drug Administration Economist
2014 Haoying Wang Jaenicke New Mexico Tech University, Department of Management Assistant Professor
2013 Nikolaos Mykoniatis Ready Texas A&M University-Galveston Instructional Assistant Professor
2013  Meri Davlasheridze  Fisher-Vanden  Texas A&M University-Galveston  Assistant Professor 
2013  Qin Fan  Fisher-Vanden  California State University, Fresno, Craig School of Business Assistant Professor 
2012  Shonel Sen  Abler  Weldon Cooper Center for Public Services, University of Virginia  Research and Policy Analyst 
2012  David Fleming  Abler/Goetz  CSIRO, Australia  Research Economist, Social and Economic Sciences Program 
2012  Yong Hu  Fisher-Vanden  Zhejiang Gongshang University, China  Assistant Professor, School of Economics 
2012  Soo Oh  Jaenicke  Korea Institute for International Economic Policy  Analyst 
2012  Apurba Shee  Stefanou  International Livestock Research Institute, Kenya  Scientist 
2012  Shujie Li  Abler  Alfavor Petroleum Corporation  Economic Analyst 
2012  Hernan Bejarano  Shortle  Economic Science Institute, Chapman University  Postdoctoral Researcher 
2012  Milagro Saborio-Rodriguez  Shortle  Centro Agrinomico Tropical Investigacion y Ensenanza (CATIE), Costa Rica  Researcher 
2011  Jin Woo Yoo  Ready  Arizona State University  Postdoctoral Researcher 
2011  Worawan Toommongkol  Stefanou  Kasetsart University, Thailand  Lecturer, Department of Economics 
2011  Isin Tellioglu  Blandford  Humboldt University, Germany  Research Associate, Dept of Agricultural Economics 
2011  Alwin Jimenez-Maldonado  Harper  University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez  Extension Specialist in Agricultural Economics 
2010  Simanti Banerjee  Shortle  University of Stirling, UK  Postdoctoral Researcher 
2010  Yan Zhuang  Jaenicke  Merkle, Inc.  Senior Statistician 
2009 Nga Nguyen  Shortle Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry  Economist, Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ABARE) 
2009 Gaurav Ghosh Shortle University of Aachen, Germany Research Associate, E.On Energy Research Center
2009 Grigoris (Gregory)  Emvalomatis Stefanou Wageningen University, The Netherlands Assistant Professor of Business Economics
2009 Xiaohua Yu Abler University of Gottingen, Germany Assistant Prof, Agricultural Economics
2008 Yuki Yano Blandford Uppsala University, Sweden Post-doc
2008 Mitsuko Chikasada Jaenicke/Abler Soka University, Japan Assistant Prof, Department of Economics
2008 Lakshmi Balasubramanyan Stefanou Southern Illinois University Assistant Prof, Finance Department
2008 Koel Ghosh Shortle University of Minnesota Research Associate in the Food Industry Center, Department of Applied Economics
2007 Georg Grassmueck Goetz Lycoming College, PA Assistant Prof, Business School
2007 Sundar Shrestha Findeis/Abler Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Economist
2007 Fernando Carriazo Shortle/Ready USDA/ERS Post-doc
2007 L. Bharadwaj Findeis Louisiana Department of Natural Resources  
2007 O. Tunceli Findeis MACRO International Post-doc Fellow
2006 Kelly Ward Shortle U.S. Military Academy Academy Prof, Department of Systems Engineering
2006 A. Jayaraman Findeis    
2006 Vladimir Konavalchuk Abler Kiev, Ukraine Consultant
2005 Jeong Hwan Bae Shortle Korea Energy Economics Institute Associate Research Fellow Division of New & Renewable Energy
2004 Tanya Borisova Shortle Univ. of West Virginia/ now University of Florida Asst. Prof. in the Dept, of Food and Resource Economics,  University of Florida
2004 F. J. Nankhuni Findeis U. Penn.  Post-doc/now World Bank  
2004 Q. Wang Findeis Blue Cross/Blue Shield  
2004 Derek Brewin Abler/Shields University of Manitoba Assistant Professor, Agricultural Economics
2003 Ram Ranjan Shortle USDA/ERS Post doc now an Economist in the Policy and Economics Research Unit at CSIRO (AU)
2003 Yanguo Wang Jaenicke Discover Financial Services  
2003 H. Swaminathan Findeis ICRW/ now, Indian School of Management  Assistant Professor