M.S. Student Job Placements

Recent job placements for graduates with an M.S. degree in AEREC.
 Year Name   Adviser  Placement  Position
2013 Riley Adams Goetz Entergy Services Regulatory Analyst
2012  Guanze He  Fisher-Vanden  Purdue University  PhD Student 
2012  Montira Mahinchai  Stefanou  Ministry of Finance, Thailand  Analyst 
2012  Caitlin Edmundsen  Abdalla  NY State Department of Public Service  Associate Economist, Office of Regulatory Economics 
2011  Lucas Schaeffer  Goetz  U.S. Census Bureau  Statistician 
2011  Zachary Kaufman  Shortle  Pennsylvania State University  Research Associate 
2010  Yingxian Wu  Stefanou  Pennsylvania State University  PhD Student 
2010  Vania Salas-Garcia  Findeis  Pennsylvania State University  PhD Student 
2009  Jacqueline Yenerall  Ready  Virginia Tech University  PhD Student 
2009  Na Pu  Blandford  China Securities Co., Ltd., China  Analyst 
2008  Erin Minihan  Shortle  Queens University, Ireland  PhD program 
2008 Betty Leuer Hyde General Mills Commodity analyst
2008 David Fleming Abler Penn State
PhD program, AEREC
2008 Narishwar Ghimire Abler Texas A&M PhD program,Ag Econ
2008 Mirjana Pajic Bailey Fonterra Analyst(Private sector)
2007 Rakesh Mishra Abler United Nations Economist
2005 Jiayi Li Shortle Penn State
PhD program, Supply Chain Management
2004 Yun Cai Shortle Consulting Firm