Posted: October 31, 2018

Stephan Goetz, Professor of Agricultural and Regional Economics and Director of The Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development, convened a special session on Rural Areas in Pennsylvania for the PA Chapter of the American Planning Association 2018 Annual Conference, Erie, PA, October 15.

This session focused on how rural areas can contend with the changing nature of the economy, and specifically on the potential roles of the planning community in supporting new opportunities. Topics covered include demographic and economic changes affecting rural areas, the roles of entrepreneurship and innovation, tourism opportunities, and food systems development.

Speakers/topics included:
* Rural mega-trends and their implications, by Stephan J. Goetz
* Building a rural value chain tied to a regional destination and lifestyle brand, by Tataboline Enos, Founder & Executive Director, PA Wilds Center
* Agritourism as a driver of rural development, by Claudia Schmidt, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics