Join Our Alumni Group

Information to join the Agricultural Economics, Sociology, and Education Affiliate Program Group.

Why join our Departmental Alumni Group

  1. Renew friendships with faculty and fellow students.
  2. Keep up-to-date on departmental changes in faculty and mission .
  3. Have an impact on current and future departmental programs.
  4. Aid in mentoring programs for students and provide opportunities for internships.
  5. Show appreciation for your great college experience.
  6. Help department grow and improve impact.
  7. Receive annual newsletter and other communications

Annual Dues

The $10.00 annual dues are used to support printing and mailing the newsletter, and other communications that may arise. Additional donation are also solicited to go into a fund that would be used to support expenditures by the board to support undergraduate, graduate or other activities.

How to Join

AESE Alumni Affiliate Group Membership Form.