1. Program Design & Instruction

Program Design & Instruction encompasses curriculum, instruction, facilities, equipment & Assessment.

Curriculum & Program Design: A standards-based curriculum in agriculture, food, and natural resource education is delivered through programs of study that incorporates classroom and laboratory instruction; experiential, project, and work based learning through SAE and leadership and personal development through FFA.

Instruction: Programs promote academic achievement and technical skill attainment of all students.

Facilities & Equipment: The facilities and equipment support implementation of the program and curriculum by providing all students opportunities for the development and application of knowledge and skills.

Assessment: Programs utilize multiple methods to assess student learning that illustrates academic achievement and skill development.


The Connection is a Career Development Events Project completed by Michael Clark, Greenwood High School agricultural educator, as part of his Master of Education degree. Mike's contact information is 717-589-3116;

Here you will find example lesson plans from different teachers across the state which demonstrates how to integrate academics with the technical content found in Agricultural Education courses.

This project was completed by Meredith J. Ward, M.S. (2008), as part of her Master's degree. Meredith's contact information is

Forest Management Units was prepared by Douglas Brown, agricultural educator at Central Columbia High School, as partial requirement for his master's degree at Penn State. You may contact Doug at 570-784-2833, Ext. 11 or e-mail:

Here you will find the state approved tasks lists for the various CIP codes across the state.