Using Remind 101 for all areas in the Ag Ed Program

This one way messaging platform allows you to remind students of anything for class, SAE, or FFA.
It's a busy time of year.  Ok, when isn't it a busy time of year for agriculture educators.  There are SAE projects to monitor, curriculum to keep updated, FFA chapter activities to supervise, award applications to fill out and somewhere in all of this - we NEED to teach.  A tool I have found helpful to motivate and engage students especially with activities such as our FFA fruit sale is Remind (formally Remind 101). 

You can also utilize the messaging mechanism within AET to alert students; however this is an alternative if you haven't mastered all things AET just yet.  Another benefit of this platform is it allows you to safely message students without sharing personal information.  Students text a phone number provided that is not your own for a chosen class or group you create within Remind.


Here is a screenshot of some sample reminders for our FFA Fruit Sale:


Screenshot of Remind


^If you click on the three dots, it will show you where you can schedule out announcements for class or activities, attach a photo or attach voice directions.  A screenshot of that is below.

Options within Remind