Using Pinterest in the Classroom

We can use Pinterest in the classroom in many forms. Everything from brainstorming sessions, leadership development or collecting inspiration for school projects.

There are many ways to organize ideas in the classroom.  We are inundated with different apps and technologies, but how do we organize them all.  One of the fastest growing and most user friendly platforms is Pinterest.  It is a great way to organize visual pieces of information and we can use Pinterest in education.  I will be using Pinterest in the spring with a floral design class, but there are so many other ways we can use it as well.  We could use it for students to find inspiration for leadership building activities, ideas for the classroom or as a brainstorming tool.  I understand Pinterest is not permitted in all districts, but you can go there independently and find some wonderful inspiration for the your classroom!

Here is a great article from Educational Learning and Mobile Technology on the Educator’s Guide to the Use of Pinterest in Education

Here is the link to the Penn State Teach Ag Boards.

Here are some of my own personal boards on Pinterest that could help in the agriculture classroom:

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