Using Mindmapping Tools to Connect Concepts

Use Mindmapping Tools to Connect Concepts

Many times in the classroom, we encounter lessons where concepts would be better understood if we connect them visually.  There are many biological cycles we cover in the agricultural sciences where it makes sense to graphically display the information.  Mindmapping tools provide a means for our students to do this via online development.  I have used mindmapping tools in the past to have students brainstorm about concepts, organize complex hormone regulation in the body and study guides for tests.  Mindmeister is one tool; however after so many mindmaps, you have to pay per month.  Wisemapping is a free open-source platfor.  LucidChart is another product that can be easily linked within GoogleDrive, but is pay per use (Mindmeister can be utilized via GoogleDrive.)  

The image is from a student assignment where they were asked to map the hormones of the reproductive tract and link them accordingly.  This provides an organized and easy pathway for students to remember otherwise complex and interconnected concepts.  Students also get to express their creative side by organize information as they see it fitting together.  Some time may be needed to teach students to utilize these platforms. Enjoy!