Using Games to Reinforce the Classroom

Using Games to Reinforce the Classroom

Gaming???  What???  We’re not in the business of letting our kids play - or are we?  I have been as skeptical as anyone about bringing games into the classroom.  However, our students were raised in a culture of virtual reality and games.  I remember seeing an Atari for the first time and thinking how cool PacMan was.  Now I can take a virtual reality course with instructors in Denmark with my very own avatar.  Weird.  I believe the effectiveness of any game (or technology) for that matter lies in our attitude (as in anything).  


I introduced BrainPop during the last Eblast, but thought I would include some other games that may be able to help you reinforce lessons in your class.  
Here is a neat little game to help with the different layers of the earth:  Dirt Detective


Here is a neat little game on electricity:  Electricity and Circuits


Here is an exercise to practice engine parts:  Small Engine Quiz


Here is an animation on how to use a micrometer:  Using a Micrometer


Here is a link with various types of engines where you can speed up and slow down the engines:  Animated Engines