Make a visual impact - Use Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is an alternative to commonly used presentation programs. It has a high visual appeal to present minimal information.

Many times we find ourselves in the classroom trying to diversify the ways in which students can present information.  Sometimes it doesn’t need to be as complicated as Power Point - not to mention that Power Point can be over-used.  Haiku Deck is a simpler, user friendly, intuitive interface that creates beautiful presentations that can be created on your desktop or via an iPad.  This platform is not what you go to to create intricate presentations.  Haiku Deck is best utilized when there is condensed (minimal) information with the need for big visual impact (to grab attention).  Here is a very short “deck” I made on cows.  I like that while you are creating or later editing, the platform automatically saves the information.

Here is a video on the concept of Haiku Deck and how easy it is to use.