Implementing Technology in the Classroom with the SAMR Model

The SAMR model provides a guide in how to expand our classroom lessons.

At some point, we all have struggled with how to diversify instruction and/or integrate new technology into our classrooms.  Dr. Ruben Puentedura has developed a model of recognizing how we incorporate technology into the learning process.  It is a technology integration continuum where as you travel along the SAMR model, technology becomes increasingly more important to the learning process.  The model starts with a simple substitution of traditional classroom techniques with technology, such as taking notes with Pages instead of handwriting - as Kathy Schrock provides an example here.  She further explains the model with this hand-writing example.  This model continues until you are using technology to a point where students are using tech to where it was previously inconceivable.  The image in this post explains the entire model.

As we have further demands on our instruction and asking students to lead their own learning, this model helps to break down our implementation of technology and how it can help to elevate our students’ experience. I hope this can be of helps.