Find Inspiration with Pinterest

Use Pinterest for inspiration in all areas of the agriculture classroom and beyond.

To many of us Pinterest is not something new.  Frankly, some of us may be addicted.  However, if you can pry yourself away from searching for that perfect pumpkin pie or cranberry relish recipe this time of year, there is a great deal of information shared on Pinterest that could expand your Personal Learning Network (PLN).   {As always, use discretion when considering the source - just because it is on the Internet, doesn’t mean you should use the information.}  Pinterest is one of the fastest growing and most user friendly platforms.  It is a great way to organize pieces of visual information and we can use Pinterest in education.  I will be using Pinterest in the spring with a floral design class, where I will provide a list of restraints for design and they will use it for inspiration.  Pinterest’s functionality doesn’t end there.  We could use it for students to find inspiration for leadership building activities, ideas for the classroom or as a brainstorming tool.  I understand Pinterest is not permitted in all districts, but you can go there independently and find some wonderful inspiration for your classroom!

Here is a great article from Educational Learning and Mobile Technology on the Educator’s Guide to the Use of Pinterest in Education.

Please visit the Penn State Teach Ag Pinterest Page.

Here are some of my own personal boards on Pinterest that could help in the agriculture classroom:

Being Mrs. C - Teach Ag

Teaching. Technology. Graphic Design.

Leadership Training

Agriculture and Essential Apps

Agricultural Blogs

Also, if you are interested in growing your network, be advised there are actual peak times for engagement with all types of social media.  This infographic provides a great way to look at when people are “on” Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc: