ck-12 Offers Supplemental Materials for your Classroom

ck-12 offers standards-aligned materials for your classroom.

Are you looking to supplement your classroom materials so students have additional tutorial resources?  Are you looking for additional materials to enhance your current classroom content?  ck-12 is a free,

standards-aligned STEM teaching resource.  There is a plethora of materials available to you via this platform.  You can see from the snapshot you can chose the subject, state standard set and grade level.  


Unfortunately, there are not agriculture specific courses; however, I know I teach plenty of measuring, statistics and other cross-curricular lessons.  There are activities, interactive online books and “real world” scenarios you can use.  

Here is an example of a “quiz”:

Length Measurements to the Fraction of an inch


This could be used as a formative assessment or just as bellwork at the beginning of class.  It is a nice resource that is already aligned with standards and provides practical resources for your classroom.