Teach Ag! Technology Tips

Teach Ag! Technology Tips is a repository of learning technologies for use within your classroom.

Twitter can be a useful tool in the Teach Ag! Classroom. This is a short guide on how to begin using Twitter in the agriculture classroom.

Utilize online teaching materials aligned to help students become more successful on Keystone exams.

Managing your e-reputation and being a good digital citizen is crucial to future success.

The WeekCal App is a handy app to help organize our busy agriculture educator lives.

With the ever-increasing push to use technology in the classroom, it can be a challenge to manage students' attention. This Edudemic article poses some great solutions for this problem.

We can use Pinterest in the classroom in many forms. Everything from brainstorming sessions, leadership development or collecting inspiration for school projects.

ck-12 offers standards-aligned materials for your classroom.

Use this online tool to sort through webpages, games and apps for classroom use.

Find the following links to following the happenings at the 87th National FFA Convention.

This one way messaging platform allows you to remind students of anything for class, SAE, or FFA.

Use Pinterest for inspiration in all areas of the agriculture classroom and beyond.

Using animation with sound can help different types of learners more efficiently learn the FFA Creed.

Generating QR Codes and Short URL's

Haiku Deck is an alternative to commonly used presentation programs. It has a high visual appeal to present minimal information.

Use Mindmapping Tools to Connect Concepts

The SAMR model provides a guide in how to expand our classroom lessons.

Using Professional Organizations to Help You Integrate Technology

Using BrainPop to Expand Classroom Learning

Using Games to Reinforce the Classroom

Using Wordpress to Create Student Portfolios

Using Wordpress to Create Student Portfolios

Using Edshelf to find Web and App Tools

Newsela is an online reading database which allows teachers to assign classes various web articles and eventually adjusts to students' reading levels.

Screencasting for a Blended Classroom

Graphite’s Top Tech Tools for Formative Assessment

Using Plickers for Immediate Feedback in the Classroom

E-Learning Opportunities to Supplement Your Classroom

Find a Formative Assessment Tool in Kahoot!