2015 - 2016 Materials

Materials found in this folder are the documents utilized by the student teachers, cooperating teachers, and PSU faculty/staff during the 2015 - 2016 year.
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2016 Student Teaching Guidebook and Policy Manual

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Calendar of Events from July 1, 2015 to May 2016

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A listing of the 2016 PSU Agricultural Education Student Teaching Interns, Cooperating Teachers, and University Supervisors

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Assignments for the 12 credits of graded internship

Same form for both times. Mid Term due March 13th. Final due April 24th.

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Experience Based Class

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59 items that need to occur during the 15 week internship as determined by the 2016 cooperating teachers and student teachers

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Future teachers must be familiar with the characteristics of learners from various cultural, social and ethnic backgrounds. Working with "age-appropriate" learners promotes an understanding of teaching-learning processes, contributes to sound decision-making about academic and career goals and helps prepare educators for their work with diverse learners. All Penn State Agricultural and Extension Education majors are required to accumulate 80 hours of early field experience; 40 of those hours must be with special populations.