Global Teach Ag! Initiative

The mission of the PSU Global Teach Ag! Initiative is to develop capacity in agriscience teachers and agriscience education programs for global impact in food, fiber, and natural resources through youth development and education programming.

Strategic Areas

The mission is addressed through four core strategic areas.


To develop and conduct scholarship contributing to globally competent agriculture sector teachers, employees, and leaders; to assess impact of global learning activities on total student success.

Global Teacher Candidate Preparation

To develop authentic opportunities for global competency development in agricultural teacher candidates that leads to more successful impact on the global knowledge of their future students in school-based agricultural education programs and the communities in which they are hosted. To prepare candidates to teach where students are in need.

Global Agricultural Educator Professional Development

To develop effective opportunities for comprehensive global education integration in agricultural education and professional development opportunities for agriscience educators to develop their own global competency.

K-20 Global Learning Outreach

Distance and on-site consulting is available for K-20 agricultural education programs and professionals.  Are you interested in incorporating global learning into your agriscience program?  We look forward to advancing global agriculture education with you. Email us at to arrange a consultation with a member of the Global Teach Ag! Team.