International Snacks

Enjoy this assortment of international snacks curated by the Global Teach Ag Initiative with help from nominations from our current and past participants and presenters.

Snack Stories

Happy Hippos: "They are delicious. My husband brought them back from a military stay abroad and well they are well known by military families as a must bring back!" - Sasha Diederich , Tioga Co. 4-H, Penn State Extension

Cafe Britt Chocolates & Chiffles: "These are great snacks that I remember from taking our high school students to Costa Rica! We toured a chocolate farm in Costa Rica as well as enjoyed fried plantains!" - Megan Merrill, Springport, MI Agriscience Teacher

Black Black Gum: Recommended by our Keynote. "Most Japanese students prefer to chew this when studying for exams. It has a refreshing cooling sensation and it truly does wake you up."  - Richard Slimbach, Azusua Pacific University, Professor

Mexican Peanut Candies: "Also known as Mazapanes are always included in the candy-bag of any party. These are candies that children and adults enjoy equally."  - Ilse Huerta, Penn State Graduate Student

Kancho: Abby found this snack during her time in Korea. It was her "go to" for something sweet. Its so yummy. She is sure it is appealing to kids with the stamped cartoons on the box. - Abigail Cornett (Smith), Kennard-Dale PA Agriscience Teacher

Pan PaSand Gold: This unique candy contains betel, which is a  common leaf found in Asia.  It is commonly offered to guests upon arrival because it is a symbol of hospitality and respect. - Roshan Nayak, PSU Global Teach Ag Visiting Fellow


Do you have a favorite international snack?  Tell us and we may include it in the #GLAG18 Conference-in-a-Box!

Other fun “non-food” things in your box:

  • The “Magic” CELA bracelet
  • A “gig-em” pen from Texas A &M
  • A PSU TeachAg! lanyard
  • An awesome memory catcher (aka notebook) from National FFA
  • A inflatable neck pillow
  • Awesome reading materials from our Global Learning Partners