#GLAG16 After Party Guide

This guide will help you navigate the #GLAG16 After Party to be held on January 8, 2016 from 5:10 - 5:45 PM EST.

Let's Get This Party Started!

The #GLAG16 After Party has five chat pods.  The topic of each pod can be found in the title bar.  Identify a topic that you'd like to chat about, and start typing! 

Top Party Tips:

  1. Introduce yourself when you join a pod with your name, title and your interest in the topic.
  2. Looking for a particular presenter or vendor to ask a question?  See the list of topics below to determine to which chat pod they will be contributing.  *Note that contributors will be in their assigned pod until 5:30, then will be free to move to other pods. 
  3. If you are having trouble navigating the party, don't hesitate to ask a question in the "Party Question Pod".

Chat Pod Topics

1. Peace Corps and Agriculture

This pod will have conversation around agriculture and the Peace Corps, and how the Peace Corps contributes to global food security.


  • Jazmian Allen, Peace Corps Placement Officer & Returned Peace Corps Volunteer
  • Rachel Brown, Peace Corps Field Based Recruiter - Greater Philadelphia & Returned Peace Corps Volunteer
  • Carolyn Booth Reyes, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Penn State International Agriculture and Development/Rural Sociology M.S. student
  • Olivia Murphy-Sweet, Penn State student applicant to Peace Corps, Agricultural & Extension Education major

Global Teach Ag! Moderator: Michael Cahill

2. Global Learning in Domestic Settings

How can we teach students about the world without leaving campus?  This pod will focus on facilitating global learning in domestic settings.


  • Caitlin Haugen, Education Program Specialist, Peace Corps
  • Susan Seal, Assistant Professor, Mississippi State University
  • Keith Gundlach, Agriscience Teacher, Randolph - Cambria - Friesland High School, Randolph, WI
  • Shelley Armour, Agriscience Teacher, Southwest Edgecombe High School, Pinetops, NC
  • Kayla Hack, Penn State Agricultural & Extension Education major, Global Teach Ag! volunteer

Global Teach Ag! Moderator: Melanie Miller Foster

3. International Immersion Experiences

What are the keys to success for international immersion experiences?  How do you maximize student learning?  This pod will focus on facilitating international immersion experiences.


  •  Emily Urban, M.S. student and Dr. Abigail Borron, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Communication, University of Georgia
  • Pat Henne and Megan Merrill, Agriscience Teachers, Springport High School, Springport, MI
  • Alex Thor, Explorations by Thor
  • Filiberto Penados & Cynthia Reece, CELA Belize
  • Jeff Garrison, AEC Spanish School
  • Ketja Lingenfelter, Assistant Director for Student Engagement, International Programs, College of Agricultural Sciences, Penn State University
  • Paige Castellanos, College of Agricultural Sciences embedded course instructor

Global Teach Ag! Moderator: Cassidy Cheddar

4. Global Agriculture Education

What does agriculture education look like around the world?  How can we form global partnerships in agriculture education?


  •  Gaspari Cordova, Hubert Humphrey Fellow & Agricultural Education Officer, Belize Ministry of Education
  • Vincent Cosgrove, Executive Director, Sweet Progress
  • Kirk Astroth, Specialist and Professor, Family and Consumer Sciences, University of Arizona
  • Nur Husna Abd Wahid, Agriculture Teacher Educator, Malaysia
  • David Agole, Fulbright Scholar & Agriculture Teacher & Extension Educator, Uganda
  • Roshan Nayak, Ph.D. candidate in Agricultural & Extension Education with a background in extension in India

Global Teach Ag! Moderator: Daniel Foster

5. Party Question Pod

Having trouble navigating the party?  Ask your questions here!

Schedule of Events

5:10 Welcome and party orientation

Start partying!

5:30 Contributors can move freely to other pods

5:45 Live door prize drawing from #GLAG16 Twitter Contest