Agricultural & Extension Education 100

Members of the Global Teach Ag! Team provided students in AEE 100 an opportunity to practice intercultural communication skills.
Students engaged in a speed dating-style activity

Students engaged in a speed dating-style activity

Global Competency Skill Development

The instructional team for Agricultural & Extension Education (AEE) 100 wanted to provide students with an opportunity to develop and practice intercultural communication skills.  Members of the Global Teach Ag! Team were consulted.

Lesson objectives included defining and discussing the importance of intercultural communication, demonstrating intercultural communication through an in-class experience and discussing additional on-campus opportunities for intercultural communication.

Engaging International Students

Global Teach Ag! team members worked with the leadership of two student organizations to recruit international students for the lesson activity. Twenty students from Malaysia and Vietnam participated in a speed dating-style activity that involved one-on-one communication with students in the class.

Feedback from all participating students was very positive.  International students enjoyed the opportunity to share information about themselves, their country and culture with domestic students.

Expanding Opportunities

The Global Teach Ag! Team can help you incorporate this and other global learning activities into your class.  Please contact to schedule an appointment with a team member.