Integrated Pest Management Training for Secondary Students in Guatemala

Global Teach Ag! is working with USDA and USAID to analyze pedagogical approaches for an existing Integrated Pest Management training for secondary students in Guatemala.

The USDA Foreign Agriculture Service is conducting capacity building Integrated Pest Management workshops in key regions in the western highlands of Guatemala for the following reasons:

  1. Overuse of pesticides and rejection of products at the U.S. border
  2. Migration of youth from these areas to the United States

Our Work

The Global Teach Ag! team is working with USDA Foreign Agriculture Service to create active teaching and learning pedagogy for an existing Integrated Pest Management training, specifically to create a sense of contextual relevancy for the experience of secondary students of agriculture in Guatemala.


The following members of the Global Teach Ag! Initiative are involved in this project:

Melanie Miller Foster, Assistant Professor

Daniel Foster, Assistant Professor

Cassidy Cheddar, Global Teach Ag! Intern